bye-bye summer…hello fall!

8 Oct

I love fall.  I know almost everyone says they love fall…but really…I LOVE FALL!  I was so ready for the summer to be over.  I like being cozy and warm…not sweating and near heat stroke.  So while for some it was still too early to decorate for fall …as you can see our house was having an identity crisis, so we decided to bite the bullet, and ditch July for October.

taken from the phone…not the greatest shot but you get the idea

My kiddos love to help me decorate.  So the goal is to turn the explosion on the couch into pretty scenes in the house.  And these three are big helps!

Our mantle and built-ins are the obvious focal part of our front room, so we tend to do most of our decorating here.

Can you tell I love pumpkins?  And roosters?  And no…I don’t love roosters because I grew up on a farm (which incidentally I did…in the summer anyway).  I love roosters because on our honeymoon in Kauai they walked around like Robins do in Ohio.  Anyway…

We use an old dresser as our buffet in the dining room.  While I would like to say it is filled neatly with table linens, fancy plates and real silverware, a closer to truth statement would be its filled with crayons, candles, paper plates and odds and ends – don’t get me wrong…fancy dishes and table linens also reside here, but not neatly.

I am still working on my picture taking techniques…I, like everyone else now, am a “mommy professional” with the SLR camera (isn’t it great they are affordable and easy to use now? Praise the digital world!)…but truth be told I am not that savvy yet with lighting ect.  So my half bath pictured below isn’t really this stark.  But I like the quirky shelf I purchased while thrifting (is that a word?) with a girlfriend in Columbus.  It has set empty for months…perfect place for mini pumpkins no?

Here is another photo of those helpers of mine…cute huh?

I bought these chalkboard birds to hang over the one year old canvas prints I have of all three kiddos in our family room.  Again with the lighting, my house isn’t this stark.  But the birds used to have the kids name’s on them…we decided to put some seasonal words up.  I guess “sunflowers” and “corn” wouldn’t of been my first pick…but I like to make that 5 year old happy.

Last year this basket was filled with gourds.  But since I am now bombarded from two schools with Scholastic book orders (are you too?), we now have a nice selection of fall themed books that sit in the basket.  Or all over the floor…but we try.

And what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t include the school craft?  This is one from preschool last year.  I have a bunch of Halloween ones to put out…but thought we might want to wait until we are just a wee bit closer to Halloween itself…I love this little owl!  And I love the little owl that made it!

Do you decorate for different seasons or save it all for Christmas?  I love decorating for different seasons…its cheaper than redoing the whole house….happy fall!




One Response to “bye-bye summer…hello fall!”

  1. Millie October 8, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    I love your birds with the sayings!!! They are so cute!

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