Halloween Party Time

18 Oct

I married into a large family.  Well to me it is large.  My husband is the youngest of three boys.  Now some of you are laughing because this likely isn’t considered “large” -but I grew up as an only child most of my life.  I only lived with my sister for (almost) 4 years.  Yup…that story is for another time.  Anyway, my husband’s family grew by eight kids in the last nine years.  Now that is a really big family to me.  His middle brother and family live out-of-town and we are lucky that they drive in to see the rest of us as close to monthly as possible.

About four years ago we started a fall tradition.  When everyone was in town together we would go to a pumpkin patch and then have a costume/Halloween party that same weekend.  This is held at my sister- in- law’s house (because, God bless her, a crafty mess created by 8 kiddos doesn’t bother her).  This year we didn’t get to do the pumpkin patch because of the weather…but it was still some good old fashion Halloween fun!  Warning…lots of photos!

This is my food allergy kid.  You can tell because chips and salsa seem to excite her to no end.


Some festive décor, and some funny kids showing off their Halloween shirts.


Some more festive décor…sister- in- law is creative no?


We have done a few (age appropriate) crafts over the years.  Tie-dying was a fun one (thankfully it was nice enough to do outside).  This year it was pumpkin decorating…inside…in the kitchen…did I mention there are 8 kids doing this?  Yup, God bless her!

The kids were getting a little stir crazy, and because they are all old enough to “play” together now (ok…maybe not my baby but they all love him and include him the best they can) they went outside with a few uncles to play some football.

Oh look…is that a MiUS shirt I see??  Isn’t my husband a ham gem pointing out my MiUS collection clothing?

The pumpkin decorating begins…

My oldest, who is five, is the same age as the youngest cousins in the other two families.   The older cousins have gotten used to, and I think even look forward to, helping out my little ones.

And now it’s time to get into costume.  My middle child refused…luckily we are nice enough to still let her trick or treat.

Look at that cute monkey!  No…I am not biased…

They trick-or-treat in stations…grandma, their two aunts, and I make up the stations.  Here someone is happily showing off her loot!

Pumpkins are done…time for treats and to head home!  Another successful family Halloween party!

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