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We are getting so excited…

29 Nov

This Saturday, December 1 will be our very first Holiday trunk show!!  We are super duper excited for this event!!! (Notice the number of exclamation points after that statement 🙂 that adds the tone we are REALLY super duper excited!)  So…let me give you some details!

We will have our ENTIRE inventory for sale at the location.  One of our local designers, Andrea Howell, from Tidal Cool will be joining us as well as local author, Kelley Grealis!  Andrea will be showcasing her winter designs exclusively for sale at MiUS Collection.  Kelley will be signing and selling her novel. PLUS we’ll have models showing you some of the pieces and lovely attendants to help you find your way around the trunks show.   OH…and since we are celebrating, we’ll have drinks (wine) and apps for all to enjoy.   The trunk show will be held at a local store in Medina, Ohio.  The store solely carries made in Ohio goods, which fits right in with MiUS Collection as we are an extension of that theme for our pieces are all Made in USA.  It’s a fun studio, and you will also be able to see and purchase some local art from Homegrown Ohio!  How absolutely great is that!?!?

Here is the invitation with the address and all the other relevant details:

If you are in the area, we hope you can make it and come visit us!!    If not, dont worry, we will be planning other trunk shows in the future.  We will keep you posted.

BTW, here is a link to our Daily Deal for the holidays…

This lovely dress, on sale today only for $39.99!! That’s 25% off!

Any questions or comments!  Write below.


wiSw (what i SHOULD wear)

28 Nov

i got the idea for what i SHOULD wear from a blog i read called the pleated poppy.  i have read the blog for a few years and as a stay at home mom she had gotten a bit in a rut about wearing the same old “comfy” stuff every day.  so now she has “what i wore wednesday” where she highlights some outfits she put together during the week that are cute and functional but not sloppy.

so here we are to what i SHOULD wear because, frankly, i haven’t quite purchased all my new duds yet, nor am i ready to stand in front of the camera for photos.  but these are all real outfits and i promise once i get my stuff together i will get a photo up of (god forbid) me soon…OR i could learn photo shop and put my  head on a stellar bod…add some M.i.U.S. clothes and done!  but that would defeat my purpose of being “real” so never mind.

did you know we are having a trunk show this saturday?  you should come and see all the M.i.U.S. merchandise in person.  sometimes it is hard for people to online shop (not me…i love it!) but you can see the quality when you come to the trunk show then feel free to either purchase there or buy online.  returns are free:).  join us this saturday from 1-4pm at the homegrown ohio studio 45 public square, suite 3 in medina ohio.  email for more info:)

so here is what i should be wearing right now…it’s still fall!

the ginger sweater $59.99 it is slightly above my price point but each sweater is unique and so comfy for chilly days.

bullet jeans $159.99 i use these jeans again and again.  yes, out of my price range but i have learned you get what you pay for in jeans.  and jeans are my staple pants.

leather rings with gold tube $14.99  i like the layered look of these rings that come in different colors

carrera chain watch $120 you should know that i love watches.  i wear one every day and like to make it my statement piece since i usually sometimes end up in jeans and a hoodie.  this watch is well worth its price…and again, i go over my price point with some items that i feel i will get a lot of use out of and will stand the test of time.

you can find all these products and much more (new stuff arrives often) at 

are you ready for the first day of winter?  its december 21st which seems so far off…but it will be here before we know it.  i am excited.  i like cozy days inside…especially when i see scenes like this one sent to me via text by a good friend that lives in new york.  so jealous of her view!


26 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of online shopping.  I don’t have to burn any gas, I can be dressed however I want (or not dressed at all…), there are no crowds to fight or snooty salespeople to make me feel insecure, and I can take my time.  Many times, I can also score free shipping, too.  What’s not to love??

If there’s anything better than shopping online, it’s shopping online AND contributing to a good cause at the same time.  That’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.  So if you aren’t done with your holiday shopping yet, please consider spending some of your hard-earned money somewhere that it can do even more good while scoring you some great deals and great gifts.

Here are some retail sites that do a wonderful job of giving back in some way when you make a purchase.  Some work through outright donations; some give back by supporting ideals that might be close to your heart. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, so do some research on your favorite causes, and see where else you can make an impact with your shopping dollars!

  1.  MiUS Collection, of course!  If, like many of us, you’re worried about the state of our country’s economy, how about making sure your shopping money stays right in the US?  MiUS carries beautiful, unique fashions, all made here in the USA.  You’re not only supporting our economy by shopping at MiUS; you’re also supporting some “homegrown” up and coming designers – and in turn, helping them grow as another US employer.  Definitely a bonus!

  1.  I COULD actually list this as #2-10, if I want to be lazy.  But when you log onto one of the GreaterGood Network of sites, such as, not only can you help contribute to mammograms for women in need… but you can also click the seven other tabs across the top, and contribute to adult literacy, rainforest preservation, veteran support, and more – AND shop to support each cause, too!  Click the button on each site’s homepage to contribute to the cause for free; then you can shop to your heart’s content from a huge variety of very cool merchandise.   The best part is, each item you can shop for lists exactly how your purchase can help that cause.  And the shipping costs are always very reasonable.
  1. Another cool way to give while you get is through  Here’s the deal: you choose a charity to support when you sign up for free (they have tons of them on there, including local ones), and install the “iGive” button. Then when you shop your regular online retailers, if that retailer is connected with iGive, the button will pop up automatically and you can see how that site supports your giving.  SO easy!  And the list of retailers through which you can donate is HUGE, including such major sites as; Ann Taylor; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and more.  Those donations can add up fast, all while you make your normal purchases.
  1. If you’re concerned about the environment, some good places to shop are and  All the items offered for sale on both sites have been specifically chosen for environmental-friendliness, fair sourcing, and sustainability.  Not to mention they have a lot of very unique and attractive items for yourself or gift-giving.

You can find unique, beautiful, useful and/or handmade items at all of these sites, and support your favorite causes at the same time.    And the more you shop for a cause, the more you will get in the habit of knowing exactly what your retail dollars are supporting – and that is always a good thing.  An informed consumer is a consumer with a more powerful, more effective voice.  So go do some shopping, and make your dollars count!

Holiday Savings and promos….here we go!!

21 Nov

Ok…so this is the BIG weekend for holiday sales and savings to begin! We are very excited at MiUS Collection and in today’s post we wanted to share some of the deals we have coming your way!! AND you dont need to leave your house or stand in the cold! or even move from your chair… we bring them to you 🙂

Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday and Cyber Monday…

  • We are offering 30-40% off special promo items (while quantities last!)…
  • Free Shipping order $50
  • and 15% regular priced items*!

* excludes La Mer watches

If you sign up for our newsletter, you get Daily Deals for the Holidays sent right to your inbox!  Here is a link to register:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! See you Friday!!!


nail polish, pumpkin cookies and a ring, oh my!

20 Nov

i know…odd title for a post.  here is the thing.  we sell American Made women’s clothing and accessories.  we support buying Made in the USA products.  but our blog is a bit about the American Lifestyle and trying to pull it all together.  so today, I am pulling together painting my nails, baking, and a (favorite) item from MiUS.  this week we are to be thankful, but let’s face it.  we are also really busy and feel a bit all over the place.  so that is kind of the feel of my blog post today.  and, after all…what American Lifestyle doesn’t like a good cookie, like looking at pretty nails, and who doesn’t look on the internet for new pretties and goodies?

so on my Hocking girls weekend (see my fashion intervention here) we did a lot of nail painting and swapping of nail colors. i always admire pretty nails but never take the time to do them myself.  well add nail polish to my new fashion sense.  i have been wanting to try something different.  now, i have always wanted to paint my ring finger a different color.  i know it’s not a new fashion but i was afraid i was too old or it was too trendy for me.  until I found these colors:

pretty no?  We have bobbing for baubles and armed and ready.  essie is made in the USA too!  bonus!  since i wanted most of my nails to be blue i did the ring finger in armed and ready.  here are my results:

man alive that’s a close up of my hand!  let’s concentrate on the nail color…not my painting technique.   are you laughing yet?  yup…can barely tell the difference in colors!  Ha ha.  but they are beautiful fall/winter colors.  next time i paint i will use both again and either alternate each nail or maybe (gasp!) stripe them!

so are you looking for a dairy free Thanksgiving treat that is easy as (but not) pie?  i love pumpkin flavor but since we live in a dairy free (for the most part) world, i shy away from pies and cannot just go and purchase a pie from a bakery for our family to enjoy.  so instead we eat (a lot) of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  i have used this recipe for a few years and sadly can’t credit anyone…i didn’t know then I would be posting it on a blog.  so sorry smart baker who came up with this yummy recipie…but we love it!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

1C sugar

1C pumpkin puree

1/2 C oil

1 egg

1 tea vanilla

2C flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 C chocolate chips

(i also add a few dashes of pumpkin pie spice to mine)

mix sugar, pumpkin, oil and egg.  add vanilla.  mix dry ingredients and add to pumpkin mixture.  add choc chips and mix.  spoon onto sheets and bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes.  makes about 30 cookies.

yummy and go try today!!!

and last…my scattered brain will leave you with my favorite item of the moment from MiUS.  i have put this on my fashion boards and i think today is the day that i will order it!

how super fab would this look with my nails today?  i am ordering it now…you can too…go here.

Happy Turkey Week!

The Thanksgiving formal-casual-ish wear

19 Nov

I love Thanksgiving week…not only because it is a short work week for some of us, but it also means we have a little “extra” time to spend with family, we gather around a table to give “Thanks”  for all.  For me, it means we get to pass our holiday traditions to our younger generations (our kids).    What is interesting in our family is that we have two different traditions at our house.  My husband is use to a very laid back and casual Thanksgiving. However, I grew up in a family that makes this holiday a very religious and formal event where the fine china comes out, nice wine and all the decor with the table and we all dress up in our “Sunday’s best.”  We actually celebrate our Thanksgiving day at my in-law’s house, and we keep a little on the casual-ish’ side. I say “casual-ish” because I still like to insert some of my religious and formal side into the celebration day.  So these two traditions have somewhat merged over the years and cause a fashion conundrum in me, and I am always torn between wearing a dress or just jeans and a tee.  So in the last few years…I have decided to do a mix…

Here’s my take on the Thanksgiving formal-casual-ish wear…


I love capes and leggings! I think they are comfy and give me such warm cozy feel!  I bling-ed them up by adding the sequin sweater.  I also LOVE the plaid cape.  So I was torn… either way they are fabulous options.  You can wear with leggings or skinny jeans.

What did I use on this board??

Sequin Sweater:

Ponte Leggings:

Wrap Watch:

stackable leather rings:

square band:


Are your family traditions formal or more casual? What do you wear for your Thanksgiving celebration?  You can send us pictures of your outfit and we’ll post!

The Descendant – A Vampire Novel Made in the USA!

16 Nov

Clothing isn’t the only thing made in the USA on the MIUS blog today!

My name is Kelley Grealis and I am the author of THE DESCENDANT – a vampire novel that was created in the US of A and is proud to support other local businesses!

When Millie asked me if I’d be interested in guest blogging, I immediately said yes!  In keeping with the spirit of MIUS, I’d like to share with you a little bit about my Made in the USA novel and the other local businesses that I support.

On May 24, I independently published my debut novel, The Descendant.  Since I’m a lifetime resident of Northeast Ohio, by default that means my novel is a USA original!  It is dubbed a vampire tale of biblical proportions and reveals the biblical origin of the vampire through the experiences of a woman who discovers that she is a descendant of the first vampire.  You can learn more at: The site, by the way, was designed and built by a talented friend of mine located in NYC.  Cori also has her own blog and if you’d like to see some of the cool art projects she’s working on, check out (she designed that site, too)!

When it came to publishing and marketing my book, it was important for me to support US and local businesses.  I won’t bore you with the stats; we’ve all heard them before, but supporting local business is good for the local economy.  The money stays in the area and is re-invested into the company, supports local workers and increases the local tax base.  So why wouldn’t I support local?  It’s like supporting the home team!

I turned to Amazon’s CreateSpace service to format and create my paperback.  Okay, I know what you are thinking!  Amazon isn’t located in Ohio.  But Amazon is an American company and the project team that I worked with was based in Seattle and my paperbacks are printed in Charleston, SC!  I also utilized Smashwords to format my manuscript to be compatible with all other e-readers. Smashwords is a California based company.

My book cover was designed by A BCD Creative, a graphic design company located in University Heights, OH that was founded by a high school friend and his wife.  Seriously, if you need anything designed or a website, check them out!

I turned to another local company, Icandi Graphics, to print bookmarks, business cards and other marketing materials for book signing events (table cloth, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc).  Icandi is a graphics and screen-printing company based in Medina, OH that was started by friends.  They’re also super good at what they do and easy to work with.  Check them out too if you need any t-shirts, posters or stickers!

So when you are lounging around in your MIUS lounge wear and reading The Descendant, know that you aren’t only supporting Millie and me but many more local businesses!

Follow Kelley on Twitter @KelleyGrealis or on Facebook

The Adulteration of Thanksgiving

15 Nov

I don’t know about you….but I’ve been getting bombarded with commercials, catalogues, and flyers for “Black Friday” shopping.  But what struck me the most this year is NOT the crazy prices and deals but how many of the retailers have chosen to adulterate and morph “Thanksgiving” into a “Black Friday” extension by starting “early shopping hours” on Thanksgiving Day.  This truly saddens me as Thanksgiving is a holiday for giving thanks with your family and loved ones and now you will be caught between eating your piece of mom’s apple pie and and getting a piece of the deals from electronics or other imported goods those stores are offering.    The Huttington Post mentions how several petitions have been created on website suggesting that chains keep their doors shut on Thanksgiving. One petition from a Target employee who wanted the chain to remain closed on the holiday and avoid “Thanksgiving creep” had more than 148,000 supporters over the weekend, but yet Target like many of the other USA retailers chose to open their doors early to compete with this growing trend.  As a consumer and American, I see this as the epitome of commercialization of a great holiday, so I hope you think twice before leaving that football game on Thanksgiving to get those “deals” at the stores that are commercializing this holiday season to that point!   I am now done with my speech for today!  LOL

I actually deterred from my original post to add that speech.  Any-who…what I originally started writing this post about is a great “new trend” called Small Business Saturday.   You may have seen the logo in some of your local stores…Looks like this:

MiUS Collection is part of this effort to bring together consumers and shop your small businesses both locally and cyber. 🙂  This effort makes a great difference to small business many which in this economic climate have been suffering and some are at the brink of closing.   So…I saw this quote on Made in the USA challenge website…(BTW…you might want to take a look at that site for Made in the USA holiday gift ideas), and it really carried the message for small businesses.  So I am including it in today’s post:

I urge you this holiday, when you are going through your holiday gift list…Think Small, think Local and think USA made 😉  If anyone is looking for a holiday gift for idea, tomorrow’s post you will hear from my dear friend and author, Kelley Grealis, and she’ll talk about her novel “The Descendant.”   It’s a great read, and it’s a self-published in the $10-$15 range…once again supporting your local small business and authors 😉  I realize that I just gave another one of my Millie speeches!  Sorry…promise I will stick to my cute style boards, cute outfits and such on my next post.  LOL!

Let me know what you think.

I was the subject of an intervention…

14 Nov

So…this past weekend I went on a girls “craft” weekend.  This was our second annual crafty get away.  The reason I put “craft” in quotes is because the craft part of the weekend is starting to move down the list of weekend activities…to be replaced by frosty drinks.  Anyway, back to the intervention.

As I said in the first installment of What I (Should) Wear, I am a stay at home mom that might need just a little bit of help getting back on the fashion bandwagon and off this mom uniform train.  So Jill and I  stopped at the MiUS inventory room to pick up Millie for our trip.  Next thing I know, Jill and Millie are almost physically taking my clothes off (ok that might be a slight exaggeration) and putting me in (are you ready???) SKINNY JEANS!  I believe my reaction was first “WTF?” and second “where are the cameras?  This has to be an intervention.”  Seriously…I physically looked behind a sheet that hangs as a backdrop in the inventory room to see if candid camera was there and waiting.  They weren’t.   Because I was afraid of a physical altercation, I put on the skinny jeans and the striped cardi that was another suggested item.  I then walked over to the full length mirror and asked if it was a trick mirror because low and behold…I looked slimmer!  I actually really liked the look.  I had to tone down my excitement and act angry at the attack of the fashion police, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  I had to very quietly say “you were right” to them both because Millie gets really happy and excited and Jill likes to gloat…

I own the blue cord necklace and love it because it can be casual or dressy, and the length of the necklace can be adjusted.  I also own the black studded clutch and if i was going anywhere but Hocking Hills I would of used it!  To be honest…I now own the whole outfit!

So I left Cleveland in my trusted loose fitting jeans, pink t-shirt, hoodie and tennis shoes.  I landed in Hocking Hills wearing skinny jeans, a cardi, my pink t-shirt (I was good for something) and boots.  Oh yea…the boots Jill gave me as we left her house.  She feels I need an intervention so bad she made me take off my tennis shoes and put on the boots off her feet (ok, not really – they were in her closet).

skinny jeans  $79.95 (i know…again a little over my $50 mark but well worth it!)

striped cardi $29.99

pewter leather braid ring $34.99

blue cord necklace $32.99

black studded clutch $75.99 (i told you…i am a bag snob)

Holiday Outfit Ideas

13 Nov

Last week, I decided that throughout the holiday season “From the Buyer’s Desk”   will be providing style options and ideas for holiday parties and get-togethers, or work functions, that will be both fashionable and Made in the USA.

This week’s style board is an outfit option for any holiday party event.  It has just the right amount of sparkle to make you stand out, but with a great mix of classic design:


This lovely board features the following Made in the USA items from the MiUS Collection:

Sequin Jacket 

Sequin Trim Blouse

Lace Skirt

Striped Clutch (Black&White)

Boots, heels, and ring from

Like the outfit option.  Do you have ideas…Share your thoughts…Let us know what you think?

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