Meet Lexi!

9 Nov

Hey lovelies! Sorry for being so late in the posting process but I’ve been so biz with life that I haven’t had the time to write a well thought out, cohesive, and slightly humorous post. Anyway, Hey!:) I ‘m Lexi- pleasure to meet you. My blog is called “The Sprinkles On Top” simply because I adore cupcakes and how could you have a correct cupcake without those rainbow colored jimmies? The answer is: you can’t! Well, realistically, you actually can. I mean, there’s nothing physically holding you back from doing so but the traditional, homemade cupcake features said little pieces of joy. At any rate, I love those conveniently small versions of cake and I thought it only fitting to name my blog after it because my hope is that my blog brightens your day. Maybe it’ll even make you laugh a little and you’ll be able to look forward to reading it the way I look forward to the sprinkles on my cupcakes.:)

So, now your thinking, “Well, this girl can go on forever and explain things in great detail, but what is this blog even going to be about??” Well! A splendid question you have raised you collective group of readers you!

In a nutshell, “The Sprinkles On Top” will include unique tidbits of trends and fashion I’d like to share with you from my home state of Florida, dashes of humor, random conundrums I’ll have been musing on for the past week and perhaps some of you could enlighten me on them,updates on my fashion challenges (which  I will formally tell you about in my later posts), and also, just things I’d like to tell you about.

Now that that housekeeping is taken care of, I’d like to open it up to you lovely peoples! My request for the week is that you comment or post on the comment bar (which in actuality IS in itself commenting but.. oh nevermind you get the point!) questions you have for me. Now, these could be funny or creepy (I just may choose to answer those but keep in mind that questions like what my address is and what car I drive are WAY MacCreepy so you better check yourself if you feel compelled to ask me said questions. Mmmk? **eyebrow raise**). For example, ask me questions like what my favorite color or teenage mutant ninja turtle is or what shampoo I prefer for my rambunctiously untamable curls. Oh, I got one! You could ask me if I’ve ever gotten hit in the face with a tennis ball or my favorite snack(s)! Don’t let me do all the thinking here though, I can’t wait to see what you guys say! I’ll feature the top 20 most asked or at my discretion, the random, slightly weird ones. 😉 So, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Until next week lovelies!

Yours truly,


One Response to “Meet Lexi!”

  1. Kelley November 13, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Hi Lexi! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I look forward to your blog posts. I’d like to know what your favorite MiUS piece is so far!

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