26 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of online shopping.  I don’t have to burn any gas, I can be dressed however I want (or not dressed at all…), there are no crowds to fight or snooty salespeople to make me feel insecure, and I can take my time.  Many times, I can also score free shipping, too.  What’s not to love??

If there’s anything better than shopping online, it’s shopping online AND contributing to a good cause at the same time.  That’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.  So if you aren’t done with your holiday shopping yet, please consider spending some of your hard-earned money somewhere that it can do even more good while scoring you some great deals and great gifts.

Here are some retail sites that do a wonderful job of giving back in some way when you make a purchase.  Some work through outright donations; some give back by supporting ideals that might be close to your heart. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, so do some research on your favorite causes, and see where else you can make an impact with your shopping dollars!

  1.  MiUS Collection, of course!  If, like many of us, you’re worried about the state of our country’s economy, how about making sure your shopping money stays right in the US?  MiUS carries beautiful, unique fashions, all made here in the USA.  You’re not only supporting our economy by shopping at MiUS; you’re also supporting some “homegrown” up and coming designers – and in turn, helping them grow as another US employer.  Definitely a bonus!

  1.  I COULD actually list this as #2-10, if I want to be lazy.  But when you log onto one of the GreaterGood Network of sites, such as, not only can you help contribute to mammograms for women in need… but you can also click the seven other tabs across the top, and contribute to adult literacy, rainforest preservation, veteran support, and more – AND shop to support each cause, too!  Click the button on each site’s homepage to contribute to the cause for free; then you can shop to your heart’s content from a huge variety of very cool merchandise.   The best part is, each item you can shop for lists exactly how your purchase can help that cause.  And the shipping costs are always very reasonable.
  1. Another cool way to give while you get is through  Here’s the deal: you choose a charity to support when you sign up for free (they have tons of them on there, including local ones), and install the “iGive” button. Then when you shop your regular online retailers, if that retailer is connected with iGive, the button will pop up automatically and you can see how that site supports your giving.  SO easy!  And the list of retailers through which you can donate is HUGE, including such major sites as; Ann Taylor; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and more.  Those donations can add up fast, all while you make your normal purchases.
  1. If you’re concerned about the environment, some good places to shop are and  All the items offered for sale on both sites have been specifically chosen for environmental-friendliness, fair sourcing, and sustainability.  Not to mention they have a lot of very unique and attractive items for yourself or gift-giving.

You can find unique, beautiful, useful and/or handmade items at all of these sites, and support your favorite causes at the same time.    And the more you shop for a cause, the more you will get in the habit of knowing exactly what your retail dollars are supporting – and that is always a good thing.  An informed consumer is a consumer with a more powerful, more effective voice.  So go do some shopping, and make your dollars count!


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