mini scrapbook – december daily – handmade homemade december endeavor

11 Dec

well…another long title from me.  i could never write a novel…pages 1-35 would be the title.  anyway… my friend heather at twigs, twine + thyme is a crafty one to say the least with an etsy shop to boot.  her and i have been friends for so many years, it would be rude of me to divulge how many.  heather is having a “handmade homemade december endeavor” where she discusses something she makes everyday…be it a craft, a gift, and food (yummy food i have to tell you).  now, i am in no way as crafty as heather.  i am a self-proclaimed copy-crafter.  and to make matters worse, things always look way better in my head then they do when i execute them. even so,  i decided to join heather with my december daily mini book.


i used to be a big scrapbooker (is that a word?) with my first baby.  then number two and three came along and time was non-existent to scrapbook.  so then i purchased becky higgins project life books.  i still have them and work on them once a month or so…but really. again, no time.  so heather and i follow a blog where she does mini books.  elise is very crafty with the mini books.  heather has done a few mini books and hers are way more crafty than mine.  but here i go…deciding to do my first mini book with december daily where i document something from the 1st of december to christmas day.  i will be sharing pieces here and there throughout the rest of the month.  my goal was to keep up with it every day…but remember that time issue i have?

here is my page from december 1st…which was pretty full with MiUS’s first trunk show.


here is day two… i have no clue why the photo is so small (keeping it real) but we had breakfast with santa and since my book pages are only 6×6,  i made a mini collage in picasa to add more photos to the page.


here is a future page.  i actually put holes in an envelope.  not sure exactly what i will put in here…maybe a record of what the kids wanted this year, what they actually got,  and maybe even the cost?  wouldn’t that be a killer hoot to look at in the future…


more to come…i have a small pile of photos waiting to join the book.  so…i am now in the handmade homemade december endeavor!  i was going to do a post on the six dozen christmas cookies i made for the baking ministry  i am in at church…actually (horn tooting here) i am a team leader.  however, after telling my family over and over again that i was making the cookies for God (man, i am bad) i FORGOT to take the cookies to the bake sale!  holy cow…guess i am off to confession…and now you know why you are reading about my mini book instead of my cookies…

and if you didn’t know…it is the holidays….and we have a deal of the day going on.  check  out our website for today’s deal!  we have something for every holiday occasion…casual or dressy!


One Response to “mini scrapbook – december daily – handmade homemade december endeavor”

  1. heather December 11, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    love that you coined a new term: “copy crafter”! thanks for joining me on this handmade adventure 🙂 xoxo!

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