our annual holiday date night

13 Dec

i know what you are expecting.  you are expecting some awesome photos of a night out.  the getting ready part…the wearing more makeup than usual part (you know, like adding eye liner and lipstick).  the going out duds…(you know, gap jeans verse target jeans).  a picture of us at the table at some swanky, non-chain restaurant (that part is true, we don’t “do” chain restaurants).  well ha!  fooled you!  this is our annual date night out for christmas shopping.  and here is the only photo i have:


but i am getting ahead of myself.  i do of course get dressed up a bit to go out.  after all…since having these things called “kids” i don’t get out as much as we used to.  well, to be honest, we used to go out a lot before kids.  not sure where we got the energy, because now i am up late with the kids or up a few times at night and feel like a mac truck has hit me the next day.  so i wore some MiUS stuff (shout out) and we left.

now let me get a few things out in the open.  1- i do 98.9% of the christmas shopping.  2- 97.8% of the 98.9% of that shopping is done online because, quite honestly, i hate shopping.  can’t stand the hustle and bustle of big box stores and let’s be honest, suburbia is filled with them.  and finally, number 3- i have kids.  3 of them.  ok, now i will continue.

my husband and i try to make a special date and go to (cue scary music) toys-r-us.  our reward is dinner and drinks afterwards.  we don’t like toys-r-us.  both of us love shopping as much as you love getting hit by a car doing 55 miles an hour.  it hurts.  and bad.  as soon as i step through the automated door at toys-r-us i feel it…germs.  think of all those kids in that place, drooling, sneezing and runny noses all over the carts.  they cry, they scream, and just are all over the cart.  and you have to get a cart…its toys-r-us.  you get the cart and make a mental note not to touch your face until you sanitize.  then you turn the corner and are immediately hit with the bargain bins.  you have to look through them.  there might be a stocking stuffer there…right?  but then you clog up the entry way and people are trying to move their germ carts around your germ cart and inevitably you run over a kid. or three.  (side note…i am not brave enough to bring my kids to toys-r-us…and not because of the germs…because of the “i want’s”) so you must move on.  then you hit the seasonal stuff (are all toys-r-us laid out the same?) i don’t even bother.  my kids don’t need a rudolph.  i promise.

then the aisles.  man alive…they are too small for the germ carts.  and the 7 million other people trying to do their shopping.  and i don’t like rude people, or people who think they are better than others.  and you always run across them..but at toys-r-us its worse!  because they won’t move.  i can’t look at the lock and latch melissa & doug puzzle for my kid because someone doesn’t want to move their cart while they are in the next aisle looking at vtech stuff.  and i get lost.  a lot.  one minute you think you are looking at preschool toys, and the next minute you are stuck in a corner looking at games and puzzles for big kids.  and don’t get me started on the princess aisle.  or the amount of “pretend” makeup (that isn’t so “pretend” on clothes or my couch) that is out there for little girls.  and who knew?  there is a BOY section at toys-r-us.  up until now, we got too frustrated and gave up as soon as you passed the play kitchen stuff.  but this year, our boy is two..so we had to go look for a race car.  this is date night.  we are supposed to be together and in holiday bliss shopping for our three beautiful and amazing children.  instead, i walk around hoping my husband can keep his thoughts INSIDE his head.  or better yet…we call each other because we have lost each other in his haste to get this christmas toy shopping stuff done.

at check out it didn’t get much better this year.  we are a one income family.  so i try real hard to remember to use coupons.  and remember i did!  with a long line behind me i pull out my coupons and start questioning the poor girl at the register about them.  should we ring them up separate?  where is my best deal?  poor girl.  and the line behind me gets longer, and the people start to turn from smiling to furrowed brows.  they hate me.  and my husband?  he is looking at me wondering how in the world he married me and spawned three children with me and if looks could kill i would have never made it to dinner.  and of course…the coupon won’t work and she keeps trying and trying and trying until finally i have to give up on the coupons and move on.

usually that’s it.  same story the past five years.  then we do dinner and drinks and go home.  but this year, dinner was a tad funny too….so we went to a local joint and sometimes i have this tendency to drink a little too much and then make love to the server with my words about how wonderful their food is and how great their suggestions are (remember…i don’t get out much).  my husband gets so nervous about this one.  he is afraid they will make us leave.  that only happened once, and it was the margarita’s fault (kidding).  so the food was fabo and the drinks even better:

yummydrink.text(i assume you want to know the name of the drink?  so do i. but i forget.  i know what was in it: bombay gin, ginger beer, simple syrup, lime and mint and man alive it was refreshing and yummy-and not real sweet.  i don’t like sweet with my alcohol)

but…as luck would have it on the toys-r-us shopping adventure…my poor husband started to feel sick on the way home.  it wasn’t the food…it was just circumstance.  the irony though is he had to act like he was fine as our nanny (aka my parents) chatted it up with us about the food and the place and how was it and what did we have.  he had no choice but to sit and smile and just say he had a headache (when he really felt miserable)…why?  it’s not because he is a compulsive liar or even because he gets embarrassed when he is sick.  it was all because we had just bought my parents a gift card to the restaurant we were at and my husband was feeling sick from!  for the record, he didn’t get sick and i think it was just the crud everyone else has, but it was pretty funny to me watching him squirm and know why.

so that’s it.  date night.  throw in a flat tire in the rain and a speeding ticket and we could have called it a perfect date night!

and in case you were wondering, my christmas shopping is done!  popular things in our house this year?  furbi, some pop-star barbie (i can’t stand barbie but this post is long enough) and all things american girl.  oh and the boy?  he was simple…he told our elf to tell santa he wanted roller skates, a blue guitar, a helmet, and a small ladder.  yea, he didn’t get the ladder.

don’t forget to get some holiday shopping done and check out the deal of the day at our boutique.  you too could wear MiUS on your next date night (lord…don’t go to toys-r-us)

lastly (phew huh?  long post!) still linking up with heather on the handmade, homemade december en devour   here is today’s goodie…my packaged up cookies and small trinkets for my daughter’s preschool teachers and the gift for baby Jesus birthday party.



3 Responses to “our annual holiday date night”

  1. heather December 13, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    how do you find the “deal of the day” on the MiUS website? i don’t see it on the home page or a link to it from there.

    anyway, glad you got out of the house – sounds like you needed it! 😉 and thanks for playing along with HHDE!

  2. MiUS Millie December 13, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    Post made me laugh Carrie!

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