our first annual wrapping party

18 Dec

my mom (also known around here as GG or G) and i have started a new tradition.  well i guess it isn’t really a tradition yet since this was the first time we had the wrapping party…but we hope to continue it for years to come which would make it a tradition!

i used to be able to close the baby gate and hide/wrap gifts in my basement.  well now those little kids are smart and can open the gate leading to the basement (at least the ones old enough to get that whole “santa” thing can).  so this year i thought we should hide/wrap gifts at my parents house.  who am i kidding…”we”?  i am not sure in ten years i have ever seen my husband wrap a gift.  i wonder if he knows how?  besides that fact…if I go to my parents house…then I get a whole night of good sleep good food and company!

so as i purchased gifts i sent them to my parents house.  here is some of what we had to do:


above is mine…all neat and separated into piles because that is the only way my brain works.

below is my mom’s.  funny…she is an accountant and one of the most organized people i know, but here is her pile:


so first we got the food all ready so gramps could get his grub on and hide from us the rest of the night so he didn’t have to help (too much…he did do a lot of “get this from downstairs” for us).  we had lots of goodies….






and hey…we threw these in for good measure:


but if i am being honest…we did make a dip too (remember…we don’t really get to have dairy in my house, so when i get a chance to eat the devil food without my little girl around…i go all out!)

there was also a little bit of this:

wrappartywineyes…more wine PLEASE mr. cat (i mean seriously…how cute is that wine holder??)

then we got down to business….



this is how santa rolls in my house.  hey…that dude would go through a lot of tags so he just writes on the paper.  al gore loves (my) santa...lazy eco friendly over here!


then our before piles turned into after piles:


looks like that cat poured me a bit too much wine by the time i got to taking this picture…


but alas…i am not done.  i still have 8 nieces and nephews to wrap for…and all the grandparents.  but its a start…and santa is done!

i also got an early christmas present from my parents…i love rose gold and its a pretty rose gold necklace.  i don’t have a picture of it…but am hoping that’s another part of the new tradition (insert evil laugh for my dad…he isn’t a big early gift giver!)

how is your shopping and wrapping going?  looking for any gifts for the favorite ladies in your life?  what about teachers?  i got these from MiUS for my daughter’s teachers…

Wristlet Key Fob and if i am being honest…i got the polka dot one for myself:)

and don’t forget while you’re there to check out the deal of the day!

lastly…i am still participating in HHDE with heather from twigs, twine + thyme.  yesterday i made these yummy snickerdoodles.


image and recipe can be found here.


2 Responses to “our first annual wrapping party”

  1. MiUS Millie December 18, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    What a fun tradition!! I love it!

  2. heather December 18, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    my back hurt after my marathon wrap session. i hope the wine kept you gals feeling good!

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