the post holiday funk

4 Jan

the holidays.  they have come and gone already.  i never realized, until i had children, how fast they really go.  i always start off the holiday super excited.  i set the table pretty for thanksgiving brunch (dinner isn’t at my house).  i try to have my cards, and most gifts, purchased by thanksgiving so that i can enjoy that month between the turkey and the ham.  i look forward to the snow and the christmas lights.  the tree (real or fake) being lit.  the magic that we all kind of believe in around that time of year.  the planning and figuring out exactly what gifts the kids want from us and the big guy in red.

2012 december daily  obviously a couple more beds…kidding.  what can i say…sometimes they can’t get enough of each other   i look forward to the ornament making and the baking and the napping that goes on in a relaxed sort of way that winter brings.

2012 december daily1

2012 december daily4

the making of a hello kitty gingerbread house while i made the cranberry sauce.  and watching that house sit unfinished until it sat in the garbage can.  it was a short lived fun haha.

2012 december daily2

watching the kiddos play outside in the snow with their dad that very first day there is enough to play with.

2012 december daily3

and then all of a sudden the turkey is a forgotten taste and its almost time for the ham (well the ham is on christmas day at my in-laws…around here it was prime rib for christmas eve).  its time for dinner and church and unwrapping of gifts and goofing off with the cousins…

2012 december daily6

2012 december daily5

then, very quickly, christmas eve comes to an end.  its time to feed the reindeer in our new christmas jammies outside.

2012 december daily7

then its here.  just like that.  santa comes, our elf travels back to the north pole, and christmas morning is done in a blink of the eye.

2012 december daily8

i am really good there for a while.  then the 26th comes and it looks like santa crashed into my house.  nothing is contained under the tree anymore.  its all over the house and i have to find a place for it.  and as soon as i find a place for the new barbie, the new lego set is back out.  then all those decorations i love seem to be taking over.  and its time to clean up.  this year i longed for flat spaces with nothing on them.  we took our tree down on new year’s day.  i am okay with it all being down and cleaned up.  like that fresh start to the new year i love.  but that holiday funk takes a few days for me to get rid of.  its like a pull of wanting to stay in the magic of christmas and wanting the break from school to last longer verse wanting the house neat and tidy again and a routine back in place.  yesterday morning my oldest went back to school.  i teared up as she stopped outside the van and looked at me and gave me a wave.  normally she marches her little self right into the building with out looking back.  i was so sad when she waved…made me want to rewind a few weeks to have her home again like when she was little.  as i drove away, my preschooler talked about how she couldn’t wait to get to school and what she was going to do when she got there.  that made me smile.  she, like me, thrives on a routine.  then my baby (okay he is two) and i ran an errand, picked up the house, played a little, then picked up the preschooler, picked up the kindergartner and life was back to normal.  the funk is gone…until next year.

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