buy USA…what does it mean to you?

24 Jan

at MiUS we obviously believe in supporting designers and manufactures of women’s clothing and accessories here in the united states.  hence the “Made In The United States” collection.  but what does “buy USA” mean to you?  i think to all of us it could mean something different.  we are such a global world now, its hard to determine sometimes what is made here and what isn’t.  for instance…i drive a honda.  but from what i could gather, most of the money i spent on it went right back to the good old USA because it was made here.  i am quite sure that “buy USA” could cause a debate like every other issue we face right now.  but this blog post isn’t about a debate.  it is about how my family tries to support the “buy USA” movement.

some made in the USA items cost a lot more money than stuff manufactured out of the country.  sadly, sometimes i have to look at price before i look at where a product has come from.  i can’t believe anyone else is that far off.  i assume the middle class buyer has to look for the best deals.  so instead, we are sure to buy from local and independently owned establishments whenever possible, over the big box stores.  i won’t lie…we go to target and walmart and home depot when we don’t have another option, but we try to hang at the local joints.  below are some of our favs around town… some of them might actually know who we are at this point!

these are two bar/restaurant establishments very close to our house.  so close that when we first moved here, i thought the moose head was going to give us a permanent table.


if you are from this area…i do not have to tell you what this next place serves….if you aren’t, this is a local ice cream and chocolate establishment.


this place has changed hands a few times…but it is a great take out joint (they have seats too…but with three kids and one that has a food allergy, we tend to just get take out.)


when you need propane filled (which is often for us) or a question about an insect that you are sure is a termite (but they know when you walk in the door with a bug in a baggie its just a flying ant) (true story)  you go here:


another familiar family name if you are from these parts.  if not, get your donuts here (and other baked goods and deli needs)


this is a new but old place.  it used to be a take out sandwich shop, but they moved into a restaurant location and have really good food.  during christmas they made friends with my husband.  while i love to cook…the holidays overwhelm me so we get take out (a lot obviously):


i love where we live.  its a small town with a lot of “mom and pop” owned shops and restaurants.  i like the smallness of it.  to me…that is “buy USA”




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