for the love of pinterest

1 Feb

i was a late pinterest bloomer.  millie sent me an invite (remember when you had to be invited??) and i never really looked at it and quite honestly, didn’t really understand it.  and if i am being really honest…i forgot my password as i usually do, and its such a pain to wait for the email (just because i am impatient).  well rewind about a month or more and one of my besties heather tells me how she is organizing all her recipes on pinterest.  what?!  do tell.  so she proceeded to explain the whole board thing on pinterest to me (poor girl has explained so much to me over the years).  so that night, i retrieve my password, and spent hours stalking pinterest.


here’s the thing…while my husband (and i am quite sure he isn’t alone) pokes fun at me when i use the word “pinterest” in a sentence, how did we live without it?  i am not sure how i pulled off my christmas eve menu, cleaned my house, or organized my home office before pinterest!  let alone find a lipstick i like and a quote i wanted to use.  kidding aside, i appreciate pinterest because i feel like it is bringing back the craft of homemade.  we are such an instant gratification world…i feel like when i repin a pin…i am actually hanging my laundry on the line in the backyard and my neighbor is telling me her new found way of making a hard boiled egg.

so i thought i would have some “adventures in pinterest” here on the blog.  my first adventure….skinny strawberry chocolate chip muffins.  you are kind of wondering how these things turn out right?  i mean the pins look great but i want to know if people have actually tried them and what they think.  so here goes…


so these muffins are pinned under my breakfast board.  we have trouble with breakfast here…add in that it has to be a dairy free breakfast, makes it even more difficult.  so i try everything and anything.

my bakers and i tackled this one after dinner.  we used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose.  they were a little dry that first night, and i assumed it was from the whole wheat flour.  but the next morning they were super moist and yummy!  i just kept them in a tupperware container.


they were really easy to make and if you have purchased strawberries…everything else is likely sitting in your kitchen.


it’s pretty easy to enjoy baking when you have these three little ones helping…they get so excited for the finished outcome.


and the finished product…



my oldest daughter and i thought these were really good.  she has had them for breakfast every day since we made them.  my younger two were not sold…and my husband really doesn’t try my “healthy” goodies lol.

i would definitely make them again.  i think i would try half all purpose flour and half whole wheat.  i also would switch up the fruit…i think raspberry and chocolate would be yummy too!

for the recipe visit sally’s baking addiction.  and feel free to follow me on pinterest.  i am carrie del regno.

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2 Responses to “for the love of pinterest”

  1. Sally February 1, 2013 at 9:51 am #

    So glad you made the muffins! You can always look at the comments under my posts to read any reviews before making them as well. 🙂 I love these muffins so much! I’ve made them whole wheat before and they are very tasty that way. Thanks!

    • carrie @ MIUS February 1, 2013 at 10:00 am #

      thanks sally!!! my daughter has a severe dairy allergy and she loved these! she is hard to make breakfast for. my two little ones…they are the type who want pretzels one day and pancakes the next. haha. i plan to look at more of your treats soon!

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