38 thoughts on my 38th year

12 Feb

wow.  38 seems old no?  i don’t feel old…but to look at the number makes me feel a bit close to 40….hmmm….and have you noticed that as you get to 38ish you start to forget how old you are?  like i have to think about it!


anyway…here are 38 thoughts as i embark on my 38th year…

  1. i have learned to worry less
  2. when it comes to friends, it is quality NOT quantity
  3. makeup has become my friend
  4. i might be way “curvier” than i like, but i am at the happiest place i have ever been in life, so i will deal with it
  5. my little family is everything to me and more
  6. i need to do at least one load of laundry every.single.day.
  7. i have tried to use my phone calendar and the computer calendar…but i love planners.  all types of planners.
  8. i am a nerd
  9. i pretend to know what i am doing with technology.  i really have no clue
  10. i like things to be clean.  all the time.
  11. baking makes people happy, which makes me happy to bake
  12. i think religion is very important in life
  13. i need to keep my nails polished and looking nice.  makes me feel more put together
  14. i need to keep my hair colored and cut nice.  for the same reason as #13
  15. i hate shopping for clothes.  might be due to my curves…but i think i have always hated clothes shopping
  16. love to shop for handbags and shoes.  love them.  they always fit
  17. i love my husband so much.  not sure if it was luck, fate or divine intervention, but God knew what he was doing when he paired us up
  18. i think i was supposed to live in the 1950s
  19. it may sound selfish,, but i like and need a little “me” time now and again
  20. i love to read.  i have always loved reading and it might just be my favorite thing to do
  21. i like cocktails
  22. i don’t like to exercise.  i know it makes me feel better and have more energy, but i would rather clean
  23. i can’t really live in the past anymore
  24. i can’t really worry about the future
  25. i like living in the present.  it fits my personality better when i stick to this theory
  26. i like that i have found God and rely on him some
  27. i love my daughters.  i love their relationship with each other.  i keep telling myself i will love the teenage years too….
  28. my son completed our family.  he is so different than the girls but they love him so much.  it is fun to have a boy in the mix
  29. i like things that smell good…who likes things that smell bad?  but i like candles and air fresheners ect
  30. i have learned its easier to be nice than to be right
  31. i like the color pink
  32. i love the color orange
  33. i still dream about our honeymoon.  it was one of the greatest weeks of my life
  34. i believe bugs and small furry creatures should live outside
  35. i should not own plants, fish or cats
  36. i may not be the best mom, but i am the best mommy i can be
  37. i like chocolate.  a lot
  38. i like downtime, quiet time, and being home

happy fat tuesday!!  (how appropriate to have a birthday on fat tuesday?  lucky girl am i!!!)


3 Responses to “38 thoughts on my 38th year”

  1. Pamela Beckford February 12, 2013 at 8:26 am #

    We must be twins separated at birth (and many years). Your list is so near what my list would be. Great idea. I may try this for my *gasp* 56th birthday in a few months.

    • carrie @ MIUS February 13, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

      It was fun Pamela!! I totally recommend doing it! Amazing that we can still learn stuff about ourselves right?

  2. heather February 12, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    happy birthday! try to take a day off from the laundry, buy some make-up, paint your nails, buy some shoes, and have some chocolate and a cocktail! 😉 xo

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