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Sunny Days are Coming!

28 Mar

I have really been craving some sun lately. I am in northeast Ohio and the past couple of days have included temperatures in the 30 degrees and some snow. But I can still feel spring coming and I with April right around the corner I can almost feel the sun on my face soon. So inspired by those days, here is an outfit option from MiUS Collection (sunnies and sandals from Piperlime)

Sunny Days

First, I love maxi skirts, floor grazing maxi skirts and dresses are having a moment right now. Maxis have always been a style staple for me. They are comfortable, easy, incredibly flattering, and the style is versatile and perfect for transitioning your spring to summer wardrobe.  OH and if you are petite, don’t be shy, try it with some wedges for the maxi perfect length. Above is the Zoe Maxi from MiUS, features a dip die design with gray, white and pink.  Made in the USA of course 😉

The Lily Chain Tank in pink is the perfect combo for this skirt.   The chain adds just the right amount of edge to this feminine color top.  I added this fabu necklace, it is adjustable length and it adds just the right amount of accent to the outfit. Pair it with this Just USA jean jacket, some sunnies and sandals and you are out the door looking stylish and cute.

What do you think?  Do you like the maxi length?



wiSww – Easter

27 Mar


linking up again this week with lindsey from the pleated poppy for what i wore (or in my case…what i should wear ) wednesday. This week, an outfit pick from MiUS for Easter brunch.   Love the color combination of coral & turquoise.   What do you think?


Kaylee Dress – $49.99 

Jennifer Cardigan in Mocha – $24.99

Oversized Cocktail Ring – $22.99 

Nude shoes and turquoise belt from

Remember…all MiUS products are made in the USA.  visit our

What to wear to a wedding: The Bachelorette party 2

26 Mar


This is is the third segment of “what to wear” wedding series.  We are focusing on the bachelorette party again this post.  This time however we are looking at a winery tour or vineyard getaway as a destination for the bachelorette party.   So you may ask yourself…”What should I wear?” and we have a few suggestions from the MiUS Collection boutique.     For a bachelorette party winter tasking try these options:


Add heels or flats, depending on the winery atmosphere to make it dressier or more casual and  toast to a fun night! Which one is your favorite?

pinterest craftiness…plus some

25 Mar

again..back with pinterst…thought i would fill you in on some crafts i am making around here all with the help of pinterest.  they must have really boosted sales at craft stores no?

we don’t do much in the party sense for birthdays, but i always decorate for everyone’s special day.  i am in the process of making this wreath…and if it turns out half as good as how does she ? ,  i plan on making some for christmas gifts!


i am going to attempt to make this.  i got some similar stuff at the craft store to try it out.  though i don’t have as cool or a front door as they do…nor am i that crafty…the good news is…if it doesn’t work out, i can buy it from their shop!


i have this marked on my craft board.  my friend,  we will call her jill, called the other day to see how they turned out.  i had to laugh…just because i pinned it doesn’t mean i tackled it yet.  so she decided to.  i am not sure how they turned out…at first her texts were nice..saying she would make me some…then she texted that if i don’t come over and help she would only make me black eggs…then she stopped texting…wonder if she got them done?  they are cute….


as a side note… i tried the shower cleaner from this site and it totally works!!  i use it every time i shower and am really happy with the results.


my next search is finger desserts…we have a huge church function coming up and we need small baked goods for over 600 people.  what do you do with recipes on Pinterest?   do you try them first on people at home or just bake/make and hope for the best?

What to wear to a wedding: The bachelorette party

22 Mar

This is the second part to our “What to wear?” wedding series.  That simple question that can send any woman into a tizzy, especially when it involves an outfit for an epic night of fun and mayhem:  THE BACHELORETTE PARTY.


These parties are celebrated in many different styles, therefore, I’ve compiled outfits from the MiUS Collection for every bachelorette party atmosphere from crazy festivities at the club to relaxing at a vineyard.    The first part of the “What to wear to  bachelorette party” we’ll share some options for that  for the clubbing party night.


Other great options from MIUS for clubbing would be:

Suede Waist Cincher Belt available at MiUS (brown or black) $69.99

Suede Waist Cincher Belt available at MiUS (brown or black) $69.99zipper belt and dress with zipper detail!

Included in this posts are the following pieces from MiUS:

Black Zipper Dress 

Cowl neck Jumpsuit 

Zipper Belt 

Jaime Sequin Top 

Sequin Trim Jacket 

Carrera Chain Watch 

Studded Wristlet

Pink & Black Wristlet

On monday, we show options for a wine tasting to spa parties.  Which one is your favorite look?  What do you think about this series?

emergency baking…

21 Mar

ok..well to some baking is an emergency and to others, not so much.  i am on the baking ministry at church.  yes…i hear the snickers out there.  but look…i wanted to be more involved and with three young kids, most of my “involvement” has to be from home.  so i thought baking would be easy.  then..i signed up to be a group leader (yes…i am an overachiever).  i assumed i was only going to be a group leader for last years lent season (we bake for our fish fry which serve more than 700 people weekly)…but here i am…still a leader.  i love it actually.  i like talking with people who have been involved in our church for a long time.  i love the fact that people think nothing of asking us to bake for 500 people “a few days from now” and i love that specifics for needs of baking come AFTER the baking is complete.  ahhhhh the days of the bakers ministry….

anyway.  we are having a mission at our church and they needed baked goods.  i wasn’t supposed to bake for this because i had more than fulfilled my baking duties for the month (ahem..yes overachiever alert again) but when crisis arises…i come to the rescue with my apron swinging.  they upped the number from 400 to 600 people so i decided to make my go to…quick…vegan chocolate cupcakes.  these are easy and super moist and a great little finger food…and since i was baking a day in advance i decided to try something different instead of using frosting.  i used chocolate chips.


i love this recipe because it is so mess free…one bowl and a whisk and you are good to go!


i knew these were moist but since i wasn’t adding frosting, i put a few chocolate chips in before baking…then added a few more on top when i only had a few minutes left to bake.



and while they cook…since the clean up was so easy, i was able to catch up on my favorite chore…laundry.


and more laundry.




i think they would look better with a tad powered sugar on top…but since they need to be delivered tonight for tomorrow…this will have to do.

this is an easy go to recipe.  and i use the foil cups so i can make a ton at one time.

celebration chocolate mini cupcakes from 100 best cupcake recipes (makes 28 mini cupcakes*)

3/4 C all purpose flour

1/2 C sugar

2 TBL hershey’s cocoa

1/2 tea baking soda

1/4 tea salt

1/2 C water

3 TBL vegetable oil

1 and 1/2 tea white vinegar

1/2 tea vanilla extract

1.     heat oven to 350.  line 28 small muffin cups with paper or foil cups (*i usually get 20-23 out of this batter)

2.     stir together flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda and salt in bowl.  add water, oil, vinegar and vanilla.  mix until well blended.  fill cups 2/3 full with batter.

3.     bake 11 to 13 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.  remove and cool on wire rack.


20 Mar

linking up again this week with lindsey from the pleated poppy for what i wore (or in my case…what i should wear ) wednesday.

today my oldest turns six!  i would need a novel to talk about the day of her birth…needless to say it was interesting.  she is an amazingly smart and kind little girl.  she makes me laugh every day and i love seeing how responsible she is becoming as she grows up.  she also impresses me with how she takes a life threatening food allergy in stride.  happy birthday baby #1!!

anyway…purple is her favorite color so i am concentrating on some purple items in stock at …all made here in the good old USA!


crochet knit dress $49.99

purple snood $32.99

goddess maxi dress $69.99 (on sale!)

jasmine chiffon top $29.99

purple jacket $29.99 (on sale!)

for more made in the USA items, please visit the MiUS Collection…support each other:)

pinterest lately

19 Mar

so i still have a love affair with pinterest.  some things i have done, and some i have not…but here is a run down of what my pinterest feelings are lately:

i am not quite sure how anyone that knows me couldn’t purchase this for me….it’s from “my style” board:


it’s from screened and is $42.99…they have a ton of different styles to choose from.

from my “for the home board” i am totally doing this  (from the blog “less than perfect life of bliss”) to an empty wall in my dining room.  i hate to toss every little piece of artwork and only have so much room to hang it.  but there is an empty wall calling for some fun where we have all our meals…also…this blog just won a “to be read thru” by carrie (yea…its my own award system.  the winner only wins my attention but still…makes me sound important.


i already printed one of these, from the blog tried & true,  out for each kiddo, and will color them and hang them in their rooms.


i made this bread today that i had pinned on my “breakfast” board.  it was super yummy! (from the blog “redfly creations”  what i don’t like about pinterest??  every time i try to read fewer blogs…i always find a few more i MUST read!


lastly… i purchased a bunny pan to make this cake for an easter treat.  i love me a cake that only requires powered sugar on top.


have you found anything good you want to share on pinterest?  you can follow me on pinterest…i am carrie del regno 🙂

What to wear to a wedding: Part 1- the SHOWER

18 Mar

So wedding season is close upon us and invitations for the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and ceremonies begin to hit our mailboxes. You may be in need of some inspiration on what to wear for those events. Well, no worries, we have some options for you at MiUS Collection.

In today’s post we’ll focus on the wedding shower attire. First let’s start with some general rules of thumb when it comes to dressing for a bridal shower. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Let the bride-to-be wear white. It’s a subtle way to let her shine on her big day. Personally, I would even steer away from creams and ivory as well. Nude shades and white dresses with colorful prints are fine, but solid whites should be reserved for the star of the show: The Bride!
  2. Stay away from red. It may seem trite, but red is considered to be a “vulgar” hue associated with adultery. Not exactly appropriate for celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials! LOL Red is also a “look-at-me” color. Again, let the bride bask in the spotlight.
  3. Try not to wear black. This is a completely my personal opinion, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing black to a bridal shower. It reminds me of mourning. Instead, wear a pretty color or print to show optimism for your friend’s new beginnings.

Well that’s it for bridal shower wardrobe etiquette! Now for the fun part… Here are my top picks from MiUS on what to wear to a bridal shower:


Try one of these cute frocks paired with a nice cardigan and heels or pretty flats…

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

Color Pop

15 Mar


Keep up with the color trend by splashing some color into your outfits. A pop of color makes regular looks fun and funky! Add a bit of color to everyday outfits with shoes, a shirt or even a bracelet — just about any piece can add a colorful accent. The key to popping color is to keep most of the look neutral and add color in random places for some fun. Here are some example images borrowed from Pinterest:



Check out some pieces from MiUS Collection that you  rock this fun color-popping trend and splash some color!

thumbnail.asp imagesil_570xN.436460152_dx0r



You can get these cute dresses from MiUS and ON SALE! (Jewels from Etsy shop)

Don’t Forget our sale!

St Pattys day sale

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