memory keeping and a “carrie-ism”

4 Mar

things around here haven’t been that exciting..



see what i mean?  thankfully the oldest goes to school so we don’t bore her as much.  so onto the memory keeping and the carrie-ism.

many moons ago, a friend of mine told me that “SH!T the bed” was a “carrie-ism” (not sure of the blog etiquette on swearing so i cleaned it up a bit with an exclamation point).  i assume the reason that was a “carrie-ism” is because i say it often…well not as often anymore because it isn’t the best thing to say in front of the kids…but if i don’t say it, it still crosses my mind.  which brings me to memory keeping and my carrie-ism (it all ties in eventually).  i am getting ready to go to a crop this weekend.  for those of you not savvy in the scrapbook world…a crop is an outing for a bunch of ladies doing a bunch of scrapbooking (which i like to call memory keeping because i am not great with the traditional scrapbooking craftiness).  i haven’t been to a crop in a little over a year.  i was pretty sure i had a bunch of photos ready to go.  i do project life books by becky higgins.   i love becky higgins…and you should too, if you don’t have time to do traditional scrapbooks but want a little more flair than just a photo album.  and even though i try to embrace technology…i still like to feel the photos and the paper.  anyway…i was pretty sure i could just pop some photos into my books so i can do the crafty and journaling part at the crop.  i mean, i have some catching up to do..seriously.  here is where i left off in my youngest’s first year book:


yup…that’s christmas 2010.  he was born in october 2010.  scrapbook much?  well i got out the two boxes of photos and out pops the carrie-ism when i realize i haven’t even opened the envelopes!


oh lord.

SH!T the bed.

(as a side note…my oldest can read…and is standing over my shoulder trying to tell me i spelled something wrong…yup….i spelled SH!T wrong…and no…she didn’t say the word, she doesn’t know it…but she is trying to sound it out.  now she is reading the sentence i just wrote.  this kid needs to find something to do. back to the point)

i have less than a week to go through these.  i got project life because i thought it would be easy to keep up with.  i have a book per child.  i wasn’t really even doing a spread a month…i was just doing important or special times.  vacations.  school stuff.  i have no clue how people keep up…or even are only a year behind.  the only thing i could think to do is start piles.  so i split them up into a pile per child and a pile of “i think these go with everyone but i have no clue”




that red sticking out in each pile…is 2010’s christmas card and the baby announcement.  SH!T the bed.


i brought a folding table up from the basement…on the way up i was asked by four humans “what are you doing with that table?”  my answer?  “putting photos on it and if you touch it we will have BIG problems”  i am nice like that.

so i got them separated into piles.  should we place bets on how frustrating the next part will be?  trying to remember the order events occurred?  oh…it shouldn’t be hard you say?  the dates should be on the back of the photo you say?  oh yes..there is a date…march 2, 2014.  that was the day they were all printed at shutterfly.  that date doesn’t help me.

keep your fingers crossed…i have lofty goals this week.  i put the table in the family room hoping i could get a little done while hanging with the kids or hanging with the husband or keeping up with my shows.  not soaps by the way!  haha…think our mother’s generation called “soaps” “shows”  ….i am all over the place today no?

do you do project life?  i really am a big fan.  sometimes i wonder though if i should of done  a digital book for each child yearly and a project life book for our family?  i think that is the goal when the project life books are done.  the girls books are much further along so i can’t really stop now.  but its hard to decide how to “keep” memories…is there a right answer?!

SH!T the bed.  hahahaha.

have a great week!


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