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Earth Day 2013

22 Apr

It is Earth Day today.


Did you know that over one billion people in 192 countries are participating from New York to Sao Paolo, Seoul to Babylon City, New Delhi to Boston, Rome to Cairo; people everywhere are taking action in their communities.  This is amazing! I think it is a global reminder of how we are tied together in this beautiful planet.


So in order to make a change for the better, our family has taken steps every year to help make our carbon footprint less.  We recycle… paper and all cardboard and three years on Earth Day, our family decided to lower our carbon footprint by using reusable bags whenever we go shopping.  Kids learned in school that the process of making traditional paper grocery bags includes over-harvesting our forests, chemical off-gassing and a lot of energy consumption. And don’t even my daughter started on plastic bags!!  They blow all over the landscape, fill up our landfills and pose a hazard to wildlife.

So we made the change to reusable.  Since, i love cute, although the grocery store reusable ones are a no-brainer I wanted to add some “cute” to the tote and I went shopping for shopping bags : -) You can find reusable shopping bags in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but those with similar dimensions to brown paper bags are my favorite type. Here a list of  Made in the USA options from our friends at “Made in USA Challenge“:

So, I got myself some cute shopping bags, but it was hard at first to remember the bags at first, always forgot them in the car!! So I had to chance some habits.  A got a small “trapper” container to keep them all together in the car, but recently I discovered The Tote buddy (another small business – I prefer to shop from other small businesses).    The Tote Buddy is a case that holds several reusable bags fashionably!   Score!


And remember you can use uses reusable bags not only for shopping, but also for tasks like gardening and toting pet supplies.

We hope today… you start doing something to lower your carbon footprint.

It’s easy! Attend an Earth Day event in your community, start doing something to lower your carbon footprint, and take a photo of yourself being part of the solution and upload it to The Face of Climate Change Wall.

What will that be?


What to Wear? The Wedding

12 Apr

This post is the final post of the “what to wear?” wedding series.  The wedding!  There are so many styles of weddings out there it is almost impossible to capture all in one blog post, but I will attempt to address style dilemmas for the most common scenarios.  So…which way to go first:


Let’s start with the “unwritten” rules of wedding etiquette, according to The here are some “Dos and Don’ts” for weddings:

  • Don’t wear white because it competes with the bride. There are plenty of other colors available. This rule may seem outdated, but it’s actually just good etiquette to not compete with the bride on her special day.
  • Don’t wear black or sequins during the daytime. Anything too sparkly will make you look overdressed.
  • Don’t worry about wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids or mothers. You can’t possibly coordinate with everyone in the wedding party.
  • Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of respect for your hosts. Clubwear, overtly sexy clothing (strapless, see-through, etc) doesn’t belong at a wedding. If you have to ask if it’s appropriate, it probably isn’t.
  • Don’t wear opera-length gloves (to top of arm) with anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns.
  • Do take off gloves to eat or drink.
  • Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn’t specify the formality of the event. A pastel suit or soft floral dress for daytime or a LBD for evening (after 6 p.m.) will take you almost anywhere.
  • Even at a casual wedding, use good judgment when it comes to getting dressed. Casual can mean a pretty sundress (like for a coastal or beach wedding) but rarely means something as sloppy as jeans or shorts.

OK…Now that we have the Dos and Don’ts here are my style suggestions for wedding receptions based on the type:

  • Informal Daytime: Short dress or suit (business attire OK for morning weddings)
  • Informal Evening: Cocktail dress (which is any dressier dress — for example, a LBD– that’s not full-length.)
  • Semi-Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit
  • Semi-formal Evening: Cocktail dress
  • Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit. Hats and gloves optional (although it’s rare to see hats and gloves at most weddings.)
  • Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Long or dressy short cocktail (beading, glam accessories, wrap)
  • Ultra-formal or White Tie: Long gown, extra glitz (furs, diamonds, etc.)

Here are some of my picks from MiUS Collection boutique:

Informal-day time wedding:

thumbnail.asp thumbnail.aspthumbnail.asp IMG_2576_1360022027 IMG_4414_1360628905

Add a cardi and jewels to accessorize this daytime wedding appropriate frocks.

Evening/Formal Receptions: 

IMG_1802 144538 146062 146061 520fb153-0610-42d7-806f-51a7ed2f0476

All these beautiful dresses are made in the USA and available at MiUS Collection.

If there are other wedding styles you want me to address, feel free to make comments and I can answer them for you.

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A Jewelry Addict’s Organization Tips

11 Apr

In previous posts I have admitted my weakness and obsession with anything that adorns the body (i.e. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, etc).  My compulsion to buy such items (at any time) has lead me to a serious storage issue.  I have now outgrown 3 jewelry boxes, so it was time to re-organize my pretties!! I was crumbling for hours trying to find a way so that they look nice and not messy.  I realized I am not the only one ever came across with this, so here I share some tips. Happy organization..

First, I started with my large pile ( I dumped all my jewelry on my bed)

Jewelry Dump

Then I separated them into categories:

  • Keep = these are the items that I wear, are in good condition,or I just purchased 😉
  • Say “Good Bye”= items that have been subjected to a hard life of wear, may be missing parts, or you clearly purchased while blinded.   You can donate and trash those broken, missing, etc.
  • Re-home = pretties that you don’t wear, but may be happier at a friend’s house where they will get proper wear.

TIP: As long as you have them separated, you know how many you have of each category, so you can chose the right storage solution.

Since I had outgrown my jewelry boxes, I decided to organize my lovelies this way:

  • I used my jewelry box for earrings. The one I picked up from Red Envelope  and it has pretty leaves and branches that can be used as ring holders, and it has a large drawer I used to store my watch collection.
  • Then, the bulk of my collection I decided to keep in my top dresser drawer.  I purchased clear organization trays from Target.

Clear trays
Then I stored them by color (golden, silver, pearl, pink, blue etc):

IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1183 IMG_1184

I am displaying my jewelry ideas, I hope they are inspiring.

Made in the USA: Weekend Style

9 Apr

I took a little break from blog writing during our spring break vacay, but I am back refreshed and ready to share some style ideas with you 🙂 First, now that warmer weather is finally here, I thought some made in the USA options for the weekend would an appropriate blog piece. So I created this board with a breezy spring feel and a Saturday afternoon:

Weekend Style

Here are the items I included in this board from MiUS Collection:

MacKenzie top is a sheer mint perfection @ $29.99 (made in the USA)

Khloe Boyfriend Jean from Just USA is perfect fit @ $45.99

Whiskey Leather Belt made in Texas from the finest leathers with a rocking jig zag style buckle @ $84.99

LaMer Wrap Watch handrafted in Los Angeles with leather and chains @ $135.00

Multi Circle Necklace  creative minds from Maryland state make this awesome simple necklace for you @ $22.99

Perfect match for that necklace is the multi circle bracelet with a green stone!  So cute @ $19.99

Sperry Top Siders and Kate Spade sunglasses finish the look!

What do you think?   Do you like the spring weekend look?  What would you add?


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