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wiSww (what i SHOULD wear wednesday) with Free Shipping Offer

16 Jan

i’m back with another installment of what i should wear wednesday.  i link up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for her what i wore wednesday installment.  but mine is what i should/would like to wear.  i also shop with a budget in mind so most of my pieces are $50 and under.

2013.01.16.wiswwPicMonkey Collage

the pants are a “coming soon” item at MiUS, but you can get an email notification when they come in.  they come in teal and charcoal.  normally, i would immediately go to the charcoal but, in this case, it would depend on what colors are in the fatima scarf.  this scarf is my favorite wardrobe piece right now (santa got it for me).  it is so soft and unique…each scarf is made out of recycled t-shirts!  so if you and i both ordered one…they would be different!  it is warm and i get a lot of compliments on it.  so see…depending on what colors are in the scarf would depend on which pants i would pair with it.

and the earrings?  my five year old recently told me that moms are supposed to wear earrings that dangle..not the tiny post earrings i normally wear.  so now i am on the hunt and purchasing some dangle like “mom” earrings.

basic cardigan $24.99

skinny corduroy pants $49.99

fatima scarf $29.99

sparrow earrings $19.99

and, of course, all MiUS products are made in the USA!  so go to the website for this scarf!!

We have an offer for free shipping today on all purchases, Enter code:Freewed16 

We are running month-long GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. (Winner will be announced on 2/15/13)

Here are the steps to get you in the drawing:

#1: “Like” our page on Facebook .  If you are already a MiUS Facebook fan, then share our page with your friends on your status (www.facebook.com/miuscollection.com), or get one friend to “like” MiUS.

#2: Leave us a comment here at the blog letting us know that you followed all steps ; -) and you will be entered into the drawing.

That easy! Good luck!

happy wednesday!


wiSww (what i SHOULD wear wednesday)

19 Dec

i am linking up again today with lindsey from the pleated poppy for “what i should wear wednesday”…well my twist on what i should wear wednesday which is “what i SHOULD wear wednesday”.

sorry for the image of the sweater…i do know its a little blurry.

i want winter.  i am so sick of seeing ugly muddy grass.  and sick of seeing bare trees.  and sick of being sick!!!  one day its 60 here and the next day is 40 and then it rains and blech.  i would like some white snow.  i would like to NOT see the UGLY extension cords running my christmas lights outside!

so my outfit for today is a sweater…a cardi which i would wear a cami or tee to match the cream in the sweater underneath.  i see people wearing colored and even patterned jeans and i like the look…but not sure i would like it on me.  so i have two pairs of jeans picked out.  one in wine to match the sweater and one pair of regular denim incase i lost my nerve.

i love love love my purple snood.  i would only wear it with this sweater if i wore the regular denim jeans.  even i can match colors a bit.

i like to mix my jewelry up and not be too matchy.  i love my rose gold watch and i think i would try the turquoise earrings with this outfit…not sure if they blues would jive or not.

2012.12.19.WISWW.PicMonkey Collage

hi low striped cardigan with belt $42.99

just usa skinny jeans – wine $46.99

hammer bootleg jeans dark wash $49.99

purple snood- infinite scarf  $32.99

 foldover leather reversible bag $165.99

oversized stone earring $35.99

leather braid ring $34.99

oversized tuscany united band $110

don’t forget…MiUS is running free shipping and different deals of the day.  see the website for more info.  look for the deal of the day under the “shop by” tab!

and….since i am cross (we use “cross” in our house instead of “mad”…i think it came from watching too much of sir top-em-hat be “cross”) that we are not covered in a pretty blanket of snow and all we have is icky looking muddy grass and we can still see the leaves we missed raking…i leave you with a few pics of some pretty snow scenes.  i am pretending to live here right now: (click on photo to view credits)




what i SHOULD wear

5 Dec



“it’s beginning to look a lot like winter…everywhere you gooooo” can you hear the song in your head now?  i hope it doesn’t stick with you all day…i hate when i have the same song in my head alllll day.  especially if it’s a theme song from a nick jr, show….gag.

anyway, around here my five-year old even mentioned how we are all decorated for christmas but it doesn’t look like winter outside.  true.  we had two days in the 60s here.  yuk for winter.  today it is supposed to be colder…but i wouldn’t mind a dusting of snow.

so here is a winter outfit…maybe some of you are seeing winter already?

2012.11.27 - Page 001

beret 29.99 – i actually saw someone with this on at the trunk show….holy cuteness!  i almost took it off her head but thought that might be rude.

trendy zip cardi -curvy plus 29.99 although i feel like i look it, i am not quite considered “curvy plus” (yet) but i love this cardi and if i got it in a small i could pull it off with skinny jeans because it would still be a bit baggy (though my fashion police might disagree but hey, they aren’t here right now)

just usa skinny jeans 75.99 i own these.  if you follow my posts you know i wasn’t keen on getting them, but i honestly get compliments every time i wear them.

jaunt tote wave embossed 229.99 (sale!!) i have said it before, i spend more on handbags and accessories because they always fit last longer.  i saw this tote in person at the trunk show and became even more obsessed with it….its on my christmas wish list.

thin stingray buckle bracelet (rainbow) 69.99 – another item i finally saw in person at the trunk show.  another item you will see a lot of in my wiSw posts.  another item on that christmas wish list

purple snood – infinite scarf 32.99 – one of my trunk show goodies.  so soft and warm and useful because it can be a shawl for those cold restaurants or church and a hood for when it rains or the wind is blowing or just a scarf to not only keep you warm but look good!

deal of the day!

Raspberry & Black Sequin Cocktail Dress with Lining

have you been following our deals of the day?  the rasperry and black sequin dress is today’s deal.  i saw this on my friend jill at the trunk show…you have to see how great it looks on!

Holiday Outfit Ideas

13 Nov

Last week, I decided that throughout the holiday season “From the Buyer’s Desk”   will be providing style options and ideas for holiday parties and get-togethers, or work functions, that will be both fashionable and Made in the USA.

This week’s style board is an outfit option for any holiday party event.  It has just the right amount of sparkle to make you stand out, but with a great mix of classic design:


This lovely board features the following Made in the USA items from the MiUS Collection:

Sequin Jacket 

Sequin Trim Blouse

Lace Skirt

Striped Clutch (Black&White)

Boots, heels, and ring from http://www.piperlime.com

Like the outfit option.  Do you have ideas…Share your thoughts…Let us know what you think?

From Work to Play

5 Nov

November is here and that means the holiday season has officially started for most of us.  And…to my delight…in my email inbox this weekend, I found the first invitation to a holiday party/get together.This invitation happens to be for cocktails and dinner on a Wednesday night… and to me, that immediately sparked the thought, a work night… “what to wear?”  Then, I thought maybe others may be facing that same style dilemma. So I decided that throughout the holiday season “From the Buyer’s Desk”   will be providing style options and ideas for holiday parties and get-togethers, or work functions, that will be both fashionable and Made in the USA.

This week’s style board is an outfit option that can effortlessly be transformed from day to night:

This style board features one of my favorite dresses in the collection…I am a magenta (and green) fanatic 😉 During the day you can wear this lovely dress with a cardi or blazer (if you are in colder climates), and for the night you may add a little bling by incorporating the black sequin blazer and transferring your purse essentials to the lovely striped clutch which pulls it all together so well!

So what pieces did I include in this lovely ensemble?

Button Detail Knit Dress (Magenta) http://www.miuscollection.com/Button-Detail-Knit-Dress-Magenta_p_190.html

Braided leather ring – http://www.miuscollection.com/Leather-Braid-Ring-Pewter-_p_100.html

Black Sequin Trim Jacket – http://www.miuscollection.com/Sequin-Trim-Jacket-_p_152.html

Leather handbag (gold & brown) http://www.miuscollection.com/Leather-handbag-Gold-leather-brown-straps-_p_91.html

Pink and Black striped wristlet – http://www.miuscollection.com/Stripped-Wristlet_p_58.html

Do you have questions, comments, suggestions…let us know we “luv” to hear from you!

Made in the USA Celebrity Styles! – Rachel Weisz

2 Nov

Today in our blog we are featuring, Rachel Weisz, who married “James Bond” actor , Daniel Craig.

Rachel was spotted in NYC this week, protected against the gusty winds with a stylish plaid cape in Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

Capes are SUPER in this season and really a classic piece.  Well..and considering the weather this week it would be appropriate to redo her style Made in the USA.

So here is the MiUS style for Rachel:

Here are the pieces:

Handmade Wool Plaid Cape – $179.99 – http://www.miuscollection.com/Burberry-Wool-Cape-Jacket_p_13.html

Jaunt Charcoal Tote – http://www.miuscollection.com/Jaunt-Tote-Wave-Embossed-CharcoalBlack-_p_92.html

Just USA Skinny Jeans – http://www.miuscollection.com/Just-USA-Skinny-Jeans–Dark-Denim-_p_169.html

Boots – Piperlime (not made in the USA)

Want another idea for capes..here is Lea Michelle from Glee with a skirt and thights option.  CUTE!

Have style ideas? Want to see other celebrities featured in Made in the USA fashions?  Let us know…leave us a comment!  Happy Friday folks!


Made in the USA Celebrity Styles!

19 Oct

I am a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s style.  I find it fresh, classic with a hint of modern.  I love that she wears clothing that fit the American lifestyle and are wearable for us, the regular folk 🙂

So in today’s post, we are redoing one of Jennifer’s outfits into a complete Made in the USA style.


If you like this styling…you are in luck!  This weekend MiUS Collection is running a sale on our entire inventory.  Take 10% off when you use code VoteUSA.    Plus Free shipping on all orders over $100.

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