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Back to School Styles!

22 Jul

It’s that time of the year again when we start preparing for the new school year.  Here are some of the fashions coming soon to MiUS Collection: 


Do you like these styles?  Are they first day of school/college ready for you?

Let us know what you think..

xo- Millie @ MiUS


What to wear to a wedding: Part 1- the SHOWER

18 Mar

So wedding season is close upon us and invitations for the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and ceremonies begin to hit our mailboxes. You may be in need of some inspiration on what to wear for those events. Well, no worries, we have some options for you at MiUS Collection.

In today’s post we’ll focus on the wedding shower attire. First let’s start with some general rules of thumb when it comes to dressing for a bridal shower. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Let the bride-to-be wear white. It’s a subtle way to let her shine on her big day. Personally, I would even steer away from creams and ivory as well. Nude shades and white dresses with colorful prints are fine, but solid whites should be reserved for the star of the show: The Bride!
  2. Stay away from red. It may seem trite, but red is considered to be a “vulgar” hue associated with adultery. Not exactly appropriate for celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials! LOL Red is also a “look-at-me” color. Again, let the bride bask in the spotlight.
  3. Try not to wear black. This is a completely my personal opinion, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing black to a bridal shower. It reminds me of mourning. Instead, wear a pretty color or print to show optimism for your friend’s new beginnings.

Well that’s it for bridal shower wardrobe etiquette! Now for the fun part… Here are my top picks from MiUS on what to wear to a bridal shower:


Try one of these cute frocks paired with a nice cardigan and heels or pretty flats…

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

What I (should) Wear…

7 Nov

So here is the first installment of What I (should) Wear…

As a stay at home mom I find it easy and comfortable to wear the typical stay at home mom outfits…lounge pants, hoodies, jeans, hoodies (can you tell I like hoodies?) Usually I toss a necklace or some rings or a bracelet in the mix to “jazz” myself up.  But I know that there are comfortable, while still fashionable, options out there.  These are all good options for me, especially now that my oldest has started school.  There have been a few times I have had to run to the school and haven’t planned on it.  It is also a very social school so let’s just say I like to try and appear that I have made an effort in the wee hours of the morning when really I hide in a robe with a big mug of coffee over my face!

So I started to put together some outfits from our MiUS collection.  Some of these items I already have and some are in my online shopping cart as we speak  (type/read).   My goal was to keep all pieces around $50.  We are a one income family so I have to be realistic here.  I will warn you that I tend to spend a little more on bags since I try to buy ones that are timeless.  And lets face it…no matter my ever changing size, a bag always fits (he he).  Also be prepared to see some duplicates.  Again…being realistic with a budget on one income…I wear stuff often (but I do wash it…no worries).

american flag tee  $24.99

 multi circle gold or silver necklace  $22.99

bullet jeans  $159.99

leather ring with gold tube  $14.99 (comes in different colors)

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