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Holiday Outfit

16 Dec

You still looking for a holiday outfit???  perhaps a dress????  Take a look at our selection…






No Minimums Wednesdays! Free Shipping to all!!

11 Dec



Daily Deal! Tops!

5 Dec


Back to School Styles!

22 Jul

It’s that time of the year again when we start preparing for the new school year.  Here are some of the fashions coming soon to MiUS Collection: 


Do you like these styles?  Are they first day of school/college ready for you?

Let us know what you think..

xo- Millie @ MiUS

our second trunk show

19 Feb

on sunday we had our second trunk show.  and while my parent’s house is not as swanky as the medina location was, it was a huge hit!  my mom made a bunch of food and invited friends and friends of friends.  my dad helped us to bring stuff in and “entertain” the ladies as they arrived.  my father is very entertaining.  we did very good in sales and it was nice and intimate.  so nice that millie got to mingle with the clients and tell them more about MiUS.  it was also great because she is so good with fashion pairings and could answer everyone’s questions.

what i like about the trunk show is it is not a direct sales party.  yes, we do something nice for the hostess but you don’t need to feel obligated to buy anything.  what the trunk show does is give women the opportunity to touch and feel the clothing and accessories.  it is nice to know that buying “made in the usa” fashion can be affordable and have quality.  it is nice to have a different piece than other people have.  and it is really nice to be able to shop with friends…while sipping wine or sangria and eating yummy food.

remember…even if you don’t make it to one of our trunk shows…all MiUS merchandise has free returns.  so you can order on line…and when it gets delivered, grab a snack and some wine (just please don’t get any on your MiUS goodies) and try on in the comfort of your own home.  if it doesn’t fit or you don’t love it you can send it back.  if you have questions on what will look good with it…send an email to millie@miuscollection.com – she is good with fashion questions and loves to help.

okay…here are some happy photos from our trunk show!


the store


the food

DSCN2604where i work my check out madness – or where i hide hehe.

Recently Updated5

Recently Updated4

Recently Updated1

Recently Updated3

the trunk show was a lot of fun.  if you are local to the cleveland area and want to have some friends over and host a trunk show for a different “girls” activity, please let us know!  we would be more than happy to set something up.  again, this is not direct sales, but it is fun and we appreciate our hostesses!!  contact carrie@miuscollection.com if you would like more information on trunk shows.


6 Feb

it’s wednesday and brrrrr it’s cold here!  i like it though.  i may have said it before, but i like the change in seasons.  i think winter is a time to cozy up and take a break.  spring and summer seem so much about “going” and “running”…i like this hibernating time of the year.

so something cozy and comfy is in store.  and warm.  and decent enough to run up to the school in, or have a friend over for coffee and feel like an effort was made.

Recently Updated

now…when i first saw this sweater i kind of thought of my dad…who has worn a black or navy cardigan at work daily for the last i don’t know how many years.  and even when i first saw it i wasn’t sure.  but picture it with a bright colored shirt underneath (maybe pull a color from the scarf and use that as your color guide for the shirt underneath??).  how cozy with some skinny pants!  i think it works.

and this scarf…i can’t tell you how much i wear this scarf.  with an outfit or outside with a jacket or coat.  it is one of my all time favorite pieces!  it is so soft and i have washed it so many times already and it holds up so well.

i am not a big jewerly wearer but i do like to throw on something.  i think a ring here makes it a little more of a put together look.

charcoal cardigan $32.99

skinny corduroy pants $49.99

fatima scarf $29.99

leather braid ring $34.99

again…linking up with lindsey from the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday!  such a fun link up party.

come see our botique and get some goodies of your own!  all made in the usa merchandise that is fun and fashionable and affordable.  www.miuscollection.com

We are still running our month-long GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. (Winner will be announced on 2/15/13)

Here are the steps to get you in the drawing:

#1: “Like” our page on Facebook . If you are already a MiUS Facebook fan, then share our page with your friends on your status (www.facebook.com/miuscollection.com), or get one friend to “like” MiUS.

#2: Leave us a comment here at the blog letting us know that you followed all steps ; -) and you will be entered into the drawing. That easy! Good luck!

wiSww (what i SHOULD wear wednesday) with Free Shipping Offer

16 Jan

i’m back with another installment of what i should wear wednesday.  i link up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for her what i wore wednesday installment.  but mine is what i should/would like to wear.  i also shop with a budget in mind so most of my pieces are $50 and under.

2013.01.16.wiswwPicMonkey Collage

the pants are a “coming soon” item at MiUS, but you can get an email notification when they come in.  they come in teal and charcoal.  normally, i would immediately go to the charcoal but, in this case, it would depend on what colors are in the fatima scarf.  this scarf is my favorite wardrobe piece right now (santa got it for me).  it is so soft and unique…each scarf is made out of recycled t-shirts!  so if you and i both ordered one…they would be different!  it is warm and i get a lot of compliments on it.  so see…depending on what colors are in the scarf would depend on which pants i would pair with it.

and the earrings?  my five year old recently told me that moms are supposed to wear earrings that dangle..not the tiny post earrings i normally wear.  so now i am on the hunt and purchasing some dangle like “mom” earrings.

basic cardigan $24.99

skinny corduroy pants $49.99

fatima scarf $29.99

sparrow earrings $19.99

and, of course, all MiUS products are made in the USA!  so go to the website for this scarf!!

We have an offer for free shipping today on all purchases, Enter code:Freewed16 

We are running month-long GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. (Winner will be announced on 2/15/13)

Here are the steps to get you in the drawing:

#1: “Like” our page on Facebook .  If you are already a MiUS Facebook fan, then share our page with your friends on your status (www.facebook.com/miuscollection.com), or get one friend to “like” MiUS.

#2: Leave us a comment here at the blog letting us know that you followed all steps ; -) and you will be entered into the drawing.

That easy! Good luck!

happy wednesday!

New year…new look ;-)

3 Jan

With 2013 already in full swing, many of us are resolving to make changes, so why not start with shaping up your wardrobe! From a waist cinching belts to colored denim pieces, here are some items to be sure to add to your wardrobe and that will ramp up your look in 2013!

1. Add Color – Colored jeans—from pastel to bright—are an easy, affordable, and versatile way to incorporate a big color trend into your wardrobe. The look offers a playful edge to your everyday pieces, and you can dress it up with a blazer, like Duchess Catherine and sister Pippa Middleton, or go casual like Zoe Saldana and Camila Alves.  Instyle Mag editor, says “don’t be afraid to pair bright denim with a colorful top—an equally bold blouse creates a fun color-block effect.”  Take a look at our selection of Made in the USA colored bottoms available at MiUS Collection:

Colored Denim

Colored Denim

2.  Add a belt – For a simple way to define your waist when you’re wearing a voluminous skirt or flowy top, wrap a  belt around your middle. Let it stand out by keeping the rest of your accessories on the subtle side (minimal jewelry). Here is actress, Lauren Graham wearing a waist cinch belt with pencil skirt combo:

Lauren Graham (Instyle)

Lauren Graham

Suede Waist Cincher Belt available at MiUS (brown or black) $69.99

Suede Waist Cincher Belt available at MiUS (brown or black) $69.99

3. Add Leggings –  Your favorite roomy wrap sweater needs only one thing to go from couch to street—leggings! The stretchy (hence comfy 😉 ) pant creates a slender bottom half, balancing out your sweater’s bulk. Add a waist-defining belt like Rihanna for a chic, cold-proof look!



4. Add a great handbag – Investment bags are worth their hefty price tags because you’ll carry them forever. To guarantee your bag will never go out of style, look for a classic lines, add a pop of color for fun. We have some particularly eye-catching handbags available at MiUS.  My personal preference are cross-body bags.  In fact, they are huge for this season, a trend we luv ❤ , as it takes zero effort and scores you mega style points!  Here is Jessica Alba sporting a beautiful crossbody bag:

Jessica Alba (InStyle)

Jessica Alba (InStyle)

So…those are a few pieces to get you started looking great this year!  Take a look at our selection at our Made in the USA selection…Here are a few links to the items coming soon:

  • Colored Denim:  Just USA skinny jeans available in wine, taupe, olive and blue. ($46.99)

Coming soon:

Teal Skinny Cords - Coming soon! $49.99

Teal Skinny Cords –
Coming soon! $49.99

Gray Cord Skinny - Coming Soon $49.99

Gray Cord Skinny – Coming Soon $49.99

  • Leggings: we have a selection of seamless, ponte leggings, and high impact.

Coming Soon:



wiSww (what i SHOULD wear wednesday)

19 Dec

i am linking up again today with lindsey from the pleated poppy for “what i should wear wednesday”…well my twist on what i should wear wednesday which is “what i SHOULD wear wednesday”.

sorry for the image of the sweater…i do know its a little blurry.

i want winter.  i am so sick of seeing ugly muddy grass.  and sick of seeing bare trees.  and sick of being sick!!!  one day its 60 here and the next day is 40 and then it rains and blech.  i would like some white snow.  i would like to NOT see the UGLY extension cords running my christmas lights outside!

so my outfit for today is a sweater…a cardi which i would wear a cami or tee to match the cream in the sweater underneath.  i see people wearing colored and even patterned jeans and i like the look…but not sure i would like it on me.  so i have two pairs of jeans picked out.  one in wine to match the sweater and one pair of regular denim incase i lost my nerve.

i love love love my purple snood.  i would only wear it with this sweater if i wore the regular denim jeans.  even i can match colors a bit.

i like to mix my jewelry up and not be too matchy.  i love my rose gold watch and i think i would try the turquoise earrings with this outfit…not sure if they blues would jive or not.

2012.12.19.WISWW.PicMonkey Collage

hi low striped cardigan with belt $42.99

just usa skinny jeans – wine $46.99

hammer bootleg jeans dark wash $49.99

purple snood- infinite scarf  $32.99

 foldover leather reversible bag $165.99

oversized stone earring $35.99

leather braid ring $34.99

oversized tuscany united band $110

don’t forget…MiUS is running free shipping and different deals of the day.  see the website for more info.  look for the deal of the day under the “shop by” tab!

and….since i am cross (we use “cross” in our house instead of “mad”…i think it came from watching too much of sir top-em-hat be “cross”) that we are not covered in a pretty blanket of snow and all we have is icky looking muddy grass and we can still see the leaves we missed raking…i leave you with a few pics of some pretty snow scenes.  i am pretending to live here right now: (click on photo to view credits)




our first annual wrapping party

18 Dec

my mom (also known around here as GG or G) and i have started a new tradition.  well i guess it isn’t really a tradition yet since this was the first time we had the wrapping party…but we hope to continue it for years to come which would make it a tradition!

i used to be able to close the baby gate and hide/wrap gifts in my basement.  well now those little kids are smart and can open the gate leading to the basement (at least the ones old enough to get that whole “santa” thing can).  so this year i thought we should hide/wrap gifts at my parents house.  who am i kidding…”we”?  i am not sure in ten years i have ever seen my husband wrap a gift.  i wonder if he knows how?  besides that fact…if I go to my parents house…then I get a whole night of good sleep good food and company!

so as i purchased gifts i sent them to my parents house.  here is some of what we had to do:


above is mine…all neat and separated into piles because that is the only way my brain works.

below is my mom’s.  funny…she is an accountant and one of the most organized people i know, but here is her pile:


so first we got the food all ready so gramps could get his grub on and hide from us the rest of the night so he didn’t have to help (too much…he did do a lot of “get this from downstairs” for us).  we had lots of goodies….






and hey…we threw these in for good measure:


but if i am being honest…we did make a dip too (remember…we don’t really get to have dairy in my house, so when i get a chance to eat the devil food without my little girl around…i go all out!)

there was also a little bit of this:

wrappartywineyes…more wine PLEASE mr. cat (i mean seriously…how cute is that wine holder??)

then we got down to business….



this is how santa rolls in my house.  hey…that dude would go through a lot of tags so he just writes on the paper.  al gore loves (my) santa...lazy eco friendly over here!


then our before piles turned into after piles:


looks like that cat poured me a bit too much wine by the time i got to taking this picture…


but alas…i am not done.  i still have 8 nieces and nephews to wrap for…and all the grandparents.  but its a start…and santa is done!

i also got an early christmas present from my parents…i love rose gold and its a pretty rose gold necklace.  i don’t have a picture of it…but am hoping that’s another part of the new tradition (insert evil laugh for my dad…he isn’t a big early gift giver!)

how is your shopping and wrapping going?  looking for any gifts for the favorite ladies in your life?  what about teachers?  i got these from MiUS for my daughter’s teachers…

Wristlet Key Fob and if i am being honest…i got the polka dot one for myself:)

and don’t forget while you’re there to check out the deal of the day!

lastly…i am still participating in HHDE with heather from twigs, twine + thyme.  yesterday i made these yummy snickerdoodles.


image and recipe can be found here.

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