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MiUS first trunk show

4 Dec



i have never been to a trunk show…let alone help pull one off.  MiUS’s first trunk show was december 1st in medina ohio.  if you have never been to the town square in medina you are really missing out.  you instantly want to move there (especially around the holidays).  it is beautiful and quaint and has a lot of small stores to shop.  you really get the feel of supporting that mom and pop shop.  and the people are so nice.  for instance, i purchased a watch at the trunk show (details this week) and needed it sized.  i walked across the square to a family owned jewelry shop, they sized my watch and sent me on my way with a “merry christmas”…not a penny was asked for.

it was a lot of work for owner, millie, to put together all the merchandise and get it ready for “show” considering it is an online boutique.  tagging and adding numbers and organizing.  her and a friend drove it over to the shop and we set up saturday morning.  you know when you always think you have enough time but you never do?  that was us.  and man alive…i was missing my second cup of coffee for the morning.  i had to resort to wine around 1230 in order to survive!  we pulled stuff out of bags, lined up sweaters and shirts and dresses, folded jeans and t-shirts, set up rings and watches and handbags.  and even dressed a few mannequins.

we had a designer and an author and some models and food.  in hindsight…i don’t know that we needed all of that.  i personally think the pieces millie has decided to sell, speak for themselves.  of course there were big sellers and popular items.  some items stayed and some went.  we got to visit with friends and meet a few new people.  the object of the trunk show wasn’t to sell everything, but to make people aware of what MiUS has to offer. (and i did get a signed book from kelly! i always like a book signed by the author)

we were crazy at check out and missed a few details, but it was fun and a learning experience and definitely a good girls afternoon.


i really loved seeing all the “made in the usa” tags on tables and hangers.  it is such a great concept.  maybe we didn’t push that enough…millie might of been a little shy to let people know her mission.  i think she should shout it out from roof tops.  i think its something that brings us all together.  no matter your political views, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion…we all live in this great country and how does it hurt to support it?

are you afraid to shop on-line?  fearful that the size won’t be right (we have free returns) or that the quality won’t be as good as it looks online (it’s better, trust me)…if that’s you, you should come to our next trunk show…or have a small show at your home.  it is fun.  it supports a small business…and did i mention the products rock?

okay…lastly…check out the pic of our spa water!?!?  sooo pretty for the holidays.  not sure if becky knew (when she was thrown the job of getting some water in the container) that the raspberries would sink and the cranberries would float (if she didn’t know it..she should totally lie and say she did!) but how awesome for the season?  i will say it still tasted like water.  maybe have a little platter of lemon to add to it?  or some smashed cranberries?  and yes, ginger, we would have had lemons for the water had i remembered a knife (and a spoon to stir the punch that got stuck in the container…another story for another day)

we are proud of you millie!  keep on keeping on and let’s make this happen!

spa water IMG_2634


It’s election day…and time to vote! (and a give-away!)

6 Nov

Here at M.i.U.S. we have different blog writers and different “behind the scenes” people if you will.  Some of us are pretty conservative.  Others a little more liberal.  Not only are we different in ethnicity and socio-economic status, we come from very different backgrounds.  Some of us have had some major “life experiences” while others have kind of had that “run of the mill” life.  Some of us have seen a lot of life…some not so much yet.  Some of us are mothers.  Some are not.  Some of us work outside the home, some are homemakers.  I mean…some of us drive foreign cars and some don’t…and the craziest??  Some of us have iPhones and some use Android.  Okay…I am poking some fun but…

We are all smart.

And we are all Americans.

And we should all be supporting this country, no matter what side of the fence you put your tent up on.  No matter your religion.  No matter how much money you make.  One of the only ways to support the U.S. is to speak your peace by voting.  And (of course) buying American made products.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for today.  Hell, I am not even crazy enough to tell you who I am voting for (I don’t believe this is the platform).  But I can tell you that I will vote.  I can tell you that I have seen economics being an issue.  I can tell you I have seen people lose jobs to overseas.  I can tell you I lost a friend in Afghanistan.  I can tell you about the state of my husband’s and father’s businesses.  I can tell you that no matter who you are…those things are, and should be, important to us all.

So go ahead and scream out loud today!  Put on a piece of Made in the USA clothing (you can find great stuff here), then put that “I Voted” sticker on…and be proud to be an American!

Happy Voting!!!

In honor of speaking out together today, we are offering free shipping on orders over $50.  Please use code SPEAKUP.

Oh…and if you love the flag shirt like I do (I totally had flag patterned converse when I was in middle school…do you see me holding the big “L” sign over my forehead right now??) you can get it free by doing a few small things…share our blog post on your facebook page and you get one entry.  Like our MiUS facebook page and get a second entry.  Comment here on the blog post and you have three entries for the American Flag t-shirt!  See it here.  Winner will be announced on Thursday.

From Work to Play

5 Nov

November is here and that means the holiday season has officially started for most of us.  And…to my delight…in my email inbox this weekend, I found the first invitation to a holiday party/get together.This invitation happens to be for cocktails and dinner on a Wednesday night… and to me, that immediately sparked the thought, a work night… “what to wear?”  Then, I thought maybe others may be facing that same style dilemma. So I decided that throughout the holiday season “From the Buyer’s Desk”   will be providing style options and ideas for holiday parties and get-togethers, or work functions, that will be both fashionable and Made in the USA.

This week’s style board is an outfit option that can effortlessly be transformed from day to night:

This style board features one of my favorite dresses in the collection…I am a magenta (and green) fanatic 😉 During the day you can wear this lovely dress with a cardi or blazer (if you are in colder climates), and for the night you may add a little bling by incorporating the black sequin blazer and transferring your purse essentials to the lovely striped clutch which pulls it all together so well!

So what pieces did I include in this lovely ensemble?

Button Detail Knit Dress (Magenta) http://www.miuscollection.com/Button-Detail-Knit-Dress-Magenta_p_190.html

Braided leather ring – http://www.miuscollection.com/Leather-Braid-Ring-Pewter-_p_100.html

Black Sequin Trim Jacket – http://www.miuscollection.com/Sequin-Trim-Jacket-_p_152.html

Leather handbag (gold & brown) http://www.miuscollection.com/Leather-handbag-Gold-leather-brown-straps-_p_91.html

Pink and Black striped wristlet – http://www.miuscollection.com/Stripped-Wristlet_p_58.html

Do you have questions, comments, suggestions…let us know we “luv” to hear from you!

What to wear tonight?!!

3 Nov

What to wear tonight?!!

Here are some options available at MiUS Collection

Made in the USA Celebrity Styles! – Rachel Weisz

2 Nov

Today in our blog we are featuring, Rachel Weisz, who married “James Bond” actor , Daniel Craig.

Rachel was spotted in NYC this week, protected against the gusty winds with a stylish plaid cape in Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

Capes are SUPER in this season and really a classic piece.  Well..and considering the weather this week it would be appropriate to redo her style Made in the USA.

So here is the MiUS style for Rachel:

Here are the pieces:

Handmade Wool Plaid Cape – $179.99 – http://www.miuscollection.com/Burberry-Wool-Cape-Jacket_p_13.html

Jaunt Charcoal Tote – http://www.miuscollection.com/Jaunt-Tote-Wave-Embossed-CharcoalBlack-_p_92.html

Just USA Skinny Jeans – http://www.miuscollection.com/Just-USA-Skinny-Jeans–Dark-Denim-_p_169.html

Boots – Piperlime (not made in the USA)

Want another idea for capes..here is Lea Michelle from Glee with a skirt and thights option.  CUTE!

Have style ideas? Want to see other celebrities featured in Made in the USA fashions?  Let us know…leave us a comment!  Happy Friday folks!


Made in the USA Celebrity Styles!

19 Oct

I am a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s style.  I find it fresh, classic with a hint of modern.  I love that she wears clothing that fit the American lifestyle and are wearable for us, the regular folk 🙂

So in today’s post, we are redoing one of Jennifer’s outfits into a complete Made in the USA style.


If you like this styling…you are in luck!  This weekend MiUS Collection is running a sale on our entire inventory.  Take 10% off when you use code VoteUSA.    Plus Free shipping on all orders over $100.

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